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Migraine prevention. The truth and the facts?

I was looking for migraine prevention information on the web just now and Guess what I’ve found? 0 = nothing.

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A Doowap on migraines?

This article describes some new migraine drug in the making. Makes an interesting read, but how about migraine relief ?
Did anyone had tried this drug with any success?

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What is a migraine ?

I would classify it as a pain in the butt and not just in the head. Why? Because it’s annoying. Annoying because we can’t defend ourself against it. Being as intelligent as we are and knowing as much as we do, yet a small little thing like migraine can incapacitate an otherwise perfectly normal person. I’t s like when someone is dying, say of old age and their body is giving up, but their mind is as sharp as a razor. Terrible. Read the rest of this entry

Migraine trigger information

There are so many pages of migraine cure info out there that says the same over and over again. Some claims it’s easy as pie, others just list food triggers, yet others just mention a few words about migraine headaches in general and build a few pages around that and about ssrs and triptans and migra.. whatever.

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June is over and as hectic and hot as it was, I had not had a single migraine headache. Customers reporting positive results about the treatment. That’s good.

Sufferers are more susceptible for stronger, longer lasting headaches during the hot summer months. Heat and especially humid heat and changing atmospheric pressure aggravates migraines. Need to find the balance between all of the ingredients that causes migraines. This is especially hard because anything can be a trigger.

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Is it just a Headache?

Or is it something else? There are several different types of headaches people usually get. Tension headache, stress headache, medicine headache, cluster headache, migraine headache, etc. I am not going to explain what each of them are as there are plenty of information on the net of them all.

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