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What triggers it?

Below is a whole big list and some explanations of triggers from a sufferers points of view. Causes of migraine headaches. How to stop migraines.

Too many foods and activities can have a triggers effect on developing the worst headache one can get and that is migraine headache. No other headache rivals it. The pain!

Many of the triggers are hard to avoid and many of them won't stay in our attention so we can't effectively remember to avoid them. I am not going into the boring detail of all the same old same old, that every webpage contains, but we need to mention that migraine headache is not a childs play type of headache.

Not a deadly condition but sure feels like it. Although it can lead to death by causing other health effects, like stroke or heart attack. Why? Because the strain it puts on the person having it. First of all, the feeling and fear of dying or having a brain disease because of the unbelievable pain. If one concentrates on this I can see it leading to a heart attack or even a stroke as the fear causing the heart to beat faster and irregularly thus stopping at one point although I had not heard of this but theoratically it can happen if one is a hypersensitive type.

Also the sufferer can fall into another devastating condition which is depression . Depression develops because of the persons inability of doing anything and the feeling of guilt because of it. Guilt of not being able to give 100% to the family, guilt of not being able to be productive because of the migraine pain. The uncertainty of not knowing when is it going to end when the next one will come, what triggers it. Depression can lead to death if not treated. Treatment for Migraines

Here are some of the triggers:

  1. Some foods; 
  2. Heat;
  3. The sun; (glaring in the eye)
  4. Reflection of light;  (glaring in the eye)
  5. The weather; (barometric pressure, wind, heat)
  6. environment; (our surroundings)
  7. Mood; (nervousness)
  8. The way we’ve slept the night before;  (the position of the head and neck on the pillow)
  9. Crowd;  (trying to avoid bumping into each other and going around people all the time)
  10. Noise;
  11. Smells; (parfum, cigarette smoke, spices)
  12. Sudden movement of the head or the eye; (like in traffic)
  13. Going out of our comfort zone; (not knowing what and how exactly going to happen, is there a toilett, is there a shady spot if hot, am I gonna be able to sit down, who is going to be there, am I gonna be reprehanded, Do I have to dance, if it's a party, etc)
  14. Not knowing what’s going to happen next; (no. 16)
  15. Work pressure; (deadlines, smelly feet in the office, churning stomach before leaving home, etc)
  16. Fear of the unknown; (No.13)
  17. Anticipation of something; (No. 14)
  18. The sixth sense; (like when you have a sense of something and it’ll happen in the next few minutes) with me at least, many times I was thinking of something or of someone and for a fraction of a second I had a strong feeling of the outcome of whatever I was doing or thinking of. Like when you think of someone and in the next minute the phone rings and that person is calling you).
  19. Unexpected events; Like (I would be in the store and while trying to see some item someone walks in front of me out of the blue blocking my view as soon as I would get a clear view of the item. I had this sense many times and sure enough most of the time someone walked in front of me. Or else, driving the car and no one around but before I get to the traffic circle I have a strong sense of someone coming right when I get there and I have to stop to let them go because they have the right of way and sure enough out of the clear street no one around and someone will be at the traffic circle just when I get there.
  20. Or else I make tea and for a split second I can see I will spill it and it’ll happen while I am really careful not to spill it.

    (I am not even sure what to call these split second sights but if they had occured repeatedly they had triggered my migraines once in a while, like knowing I will spill the tea.) They became annoying and triggered the headache.

  21. Hormonal imbalances or changes;

  22. Teeth; Jaws not aligning up and putting pressure on the facial muscles.
  23. ...and many many more.

Here is the treatment for migraines


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Hi! I am very pleased how great this treatment is working for me. After two months of using it my migraines are done to almost nothing and I also noticed my usually ugly nails gained a really nice sheen and got stronger. Thankx a lot. Aniko Papp (Hungary)

Thank you for your help with my terrible migraines. During these past few months since I have your treatment, my migraines are down to zero. Thank you very much for sharing this concept Elisabeth Johanson (USA)

Hi. I just wanted to thank you for the treatment. Finally I am able to do whatever I want. Steve White (USA)

  The treatment is working very good and we are very pleased of the outcome. I am feeling great. We are off to do some traveling next month. Cheers. Cheryl Kelly (UK)

I just wanted to say I thank you very very much for your help with treating my husband's migraines. He is free of migraines for the first time since he can remember and he is a different man. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Pam Wagner (USA)

First I was sceptical when my husband brought it home, but after 3 months, WOW my headaches stopped. Thank you very much
Susan D (Hungary)




and many many more.












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