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Eye Migraine


Eye migraine is a migraine type which focuses on the aura part in which visual disturbance predominate. It is not an actual headache!.

How do I know I have an eye migraine? I have no pain and no headache! Ocular migraine is a migraine without a headache it is distorting images. That distortion begins in the center of the image after that it moves to one side. Eye migraine may affect only one eye at a time. Images may turn wavy or grey, and you may temporarily loss the sight.

Doctors differ in understanding eye migraine. Some say ocular migraine occurs in young adult. Other say it is seen as you get older. Losing your sight can be frightening. Physicians differ in understanding of ocular migraine symptoms. Some refer to the blindness or one side blind spots which lasts less than 60 minutes and associated with a pain. Other explain the aura visual disturbance without pain.

Eye migraine symptoms

There are many specific symptoms of that ocular migraine such as:

1. Vision holes

You may see holes in your vision filed. Perhaps you are watching TV, and you may see outside of the screen and you can't see the picture center. Or you are looking at a flower, and the flower center is missing! There is a blind spot in your affected eye and when you close your unaffected eye you see the picture portion.

2. You may see everything as thought hidden behind a gray shade, when you're looking through your affected eye.

3. Your affected eye sees pictures as though looking through a window with streaming of rain.

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