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 Treating Migraine Headaches with Homeopathy


Homeopathy practitioners believe in treating migraine headaches by using medicines made from natural ingredients. Always get this treatment under consultation of a licensed homeopath for the best results. Also consult your doctor before using any herbal treatment for any illness!

A homeopath can diagnose your disease holistically and prescribe the correct dosage accordingly. The following is a list of homeopathic medicines depending on the different types of migraines.


Bryonia may be useful in treating a heavy headache on the left side of the head where the person cannot tolerate any movement and feels nauseous.

Belladonna is used to treat migraine headaches on the lower head and neck region.

Gelsemium may be suitable for those who complain of weakness and affected vision. Fear exacerbates this headache and it may be reduced by urination.


Cimicifuga may be helpful for headaches experienced during menstrual periods or long-term studying. The head pulsates, as do the neck muscles.

Cyclamen may relieve headaches that affect the person’s vision. The individual who needs this treatment is susceptible to cold and may experience a pain in the ear.

Ignatia may relieve the headache that follows an emotional outburst. These headaches can also cause painful spasms in the face and the neck muscles.

Iris versicolor may relieve migraines that cause blurred vision.

Kali bichromicum may minimize the headaches over the eyebrows.

Lachesis may relieve migraine due to ill-fitting clothes.



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