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Migraine and Pregnancy

Migraine and pregnancy has been a matter of long discussion or debate among experts. Some school of thought has asserted that because of the increase in the hormonal level (oestrogen and progesterone) of pregnant woman during pregnancy migraine attack is generally lowered or stopped, while others have disapprove that theory and maintain that hormonal level is the key factor of attack. According to this group menopause, menstruation, contraception and pregnancy all influences the attack of migraine on women.

In this article a good look at all the symptoms of migraine attack of pregnant women will be examined and also their root cause and the danger they post to the pregnant woman and the baby. Migraine is a medical condition which is characterized by symptoms of severe form of headache. The major difference between a migraine and headache ids the fact that migraine attack does not respond to headache remedies, its symptoms is usually an intense and throbbing pain on either one or both side of the temple area. 

According to statistics, 15 out of 20 women when pregnant suffers from migraine, caused by hormonal replacement therapy, lack of or too much sleep, voluntary or involuntary abstinence from food, bright light, loud noises and strong odour, hormonal changes during menstrual cycle and pregnancy, stress and anxiety, too much of caffeine, food that contains nitrates and monosodium glutamate. Studies have also shown that migraine without aura improves in pregnant women after 3 months of pregnancy while the aura type is likely to continue till birth.


The only known danger is that it can lead the sufferer experiencing blurred vision in a severe case, other symptoms could include persistent headache for hours which causes a lot of discomfort and in some cases fever.


Pregnant women are always adviced to make time for themselves to cope with the stress and strain of the day for example eating healthy food, been active. Biofeedback. I.e. learning to monitor and control stress through body responses to stress. Also these women are advice if they suffering from migraine they should avoid buying certain drugs from the shelf e.g. Aspirin and Ibuprofen. Sometimes medicine is administered either for prevention or for stopping one Hot water and ice pack treatment: migraine is caused by expansion of blood vessels in the head causing pressure on nerves, submerging your feet in hot water expands the vessels in the lower extremities, while placing an ice pack at the back of the neck or temple helps constrict the vessels thus allowing free flowing of blood in the vessels.

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