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Headache on the right side of head


 Headache on right side of head is said to be generally very painful and sharp in type and it is likely to reoccur several times in a day or for months and then go away for a similar period of time.

Unlike headache in back of head, the headache on right side of head is not so common among the people.

This type of headaches can occur among people of any age group but more commonly found in middle age group.

This pain can occur around one eye and it may also involve one side of the face. In many cases it is found that it quickly gets worse and it reaches the peak within 5 to 10 minutes of time. It is also found that the strongest pain can sometimes last for 30 minutes or can even last for 2 hours or more.

The sad fact about the headache on right side of head is that till now there is no 100 % proven treatment for getting relief from this type of headaches. According to the medical health care practitioners the exact cause behind this type of headaches is still not found.

Even though the exact cause behind this kind of headache is not known, it is said that headache on the right side of head has nothing to do with the family history.

Similar to chronic tension headaches, there are few ways which are considered to be effective to prevent this type of headaches. In general it is recommended not to take medicines in order to get instant relief from the headache keeping in mind the side effects of it. As majority of the pain killers available do have some or the other kind of side effects.

But some people suffering from headache on right side of head insist on taking medicines and some of them are Antihistamines or Indomethacin or even lithium carbonate. But in case the headache continues for a long period of time it is highly recommended to consult doctor for advice.

Doctors can diagnose your headache problem by conducting some physical examinations and also by checking with you on your symptoms and the medical history.

It is also said that some types of foods may trigger the headache on right side of head. And even stress can sometimes lead to such type of headaches. It is always better to keep a note of what you consume in the form of food or drinks so that it is easy for you to know what triggered your headache and accordingly you can avoid those things in future. It is also considered as a preventive method for headache on right side of head.

In case of headache on right side of head, patients are normally advised to maintain a healthy life style. Unhealthy lifestyle such as drinking and smoking habits can make this kind of headaches worsen. Therefore, it is advised to quit smoking and drinking habits.

Healthy eating habits are considered to be one of the simplest ways to get relief from the headache on right side of head compared to other complicated methods available today.

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