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Another migraine free month

Well, time have been passing and not a sign of migraine headaches. The treatment works extremely well for me and the others who have been taking it. The remarkable thing is that we can eat anything and the migraine not coming on. No matter what the food is or what time of day, whether I have the first byte in the afternoon or early in the morning, no headache. Other people are reporting similar results.

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How to avoid migraines

The first thing is; don’t think of it! If you are suffering from migraine and think of migraines you will get it pretty soon. In the subconscious mind you start a process the brain intercepts and give you what you wish for.
I know it’s hard not to think of it if you are a migraine sufferer, but try.

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Hoping for migraine cure?

Aspirin for Migraine Headaches?

“Aspirin Effective For Migraine Relief, Study
published on Wed, 14 Apr 2010 03:00:00 PDT
A single dose of 900-1000 mg aspirin can substantially reduce migraine headache pain within two hours, for more than half of people who take it. It also reduces any associated nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light or sound (photophobia or phonophobia)…”

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How do you know you have a migraine? What are the tell tale signs?

With me it was just a hint of a feeling, that I might be getting a headache. I usually took some pain killers hoping it’ll stop it before develops.
Well that would work with regular headaches, but not with migraines. When you are a migraine sufferer and it feels like the headache might be coming on, you try to do whatever you have to do fast because you know the larger portion of the day and the following days are going to be ruined.

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Treating migraine headaches

The migraine treatment at works great. It was discovered by chance almost 3 years ago. The 8 ingredients it combines, are very-very powerful migraine stoppers. They occur naturally in many plants and one might even be using some of them when they are cooking, or in other ways, but all of them combined and the right amount that makes it work.

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Migraine headaches triggers

What triggers migraine headaches?