Well, time have been passing and not a sign of migraine headaches. The treatment works extremely well for me and the others who have been taking it. The remarkable thing is that we can eat anything and the migraine not coming on. No matter what the food is or what time of day, whether I have the first byte in the afternoon or early in the morning, no headache. Other people are reporting similar results.

I can eat the spiciest food, eat dark chocolate by the pound, or not eat all day. Noise, traffic, sun, smells etc. can’t bring it on either.

Unlike other treatments out there that relies on food or activity elimination, this treatment allows one to eat and do anything they want to and stops the migraines from developing.  Amazing discovery if we are to look at what can trigger migraine headaches.  Food triggers or other triggers!

Activity migraine triggers are like: driving, parties, running, being out on the sun, etc. There are triggers we can’t control at all and those are like: noise, traffic, smells, sun shining in the eyes, sudden movements, thinking of migraine headaches, etc.

This treatment somehow suppresses all these migraine triggers and somehow not allowing them to be recognized by the brain. I guess partly because the mood gets elevated.  I mean I’ve noticed since I am taking this treatment my mood is happy and more positive. I am not sure if the treatment is the one causing it or else the lack of migraines are causing it, but I seem to be always in a good mood. Other people are reporting similar affects.

Of course there are skeptics who can only say negatives of anything new, or of anything they can’t  understand, but weren’t there skeptics when Edison was experimenting with the light bulb? Of course there were. The trouble with these kind of people is, that they spread their negative views for the reason of hurting others. How many people have really great ideas or discoveries only to be suffocated by these negative individuals? My point is, not to let yourself influenced by others if you think something is good and will benefit you.

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