I was looking for migraine prevention information on the web just now and Guess what I’ve found? 0 = nothing.

The same old stuff everyone is talking about. Nothing useful, only repeated junk. Nobody has a clue as of what causing migraines or else not talking about it, because it’s much easier to copy and paste and edit the same information found on internet sites than to write something new. As a result, all those who are looking for information see the same everywhere.

As a former migraine sufferer myself (40+ years) I would like to mention, I can eat and do anything I want without getting migraines as long as I am taking my daily treatment.
I also would like to to talk about the first primary reason why people get migraine headaches.

If we are looking at a so called “heat map” that marks the regions where most migraine sufferers live we would find that most of them are located in the far east countries of India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, the Arab countries and countries where the food is cooked with many spices

and that is the first primary reason. Why? Because spicy food is a primary trigger for migraines. People in those countries mixing many different spices in their diet for taste and color and smell. Not uncommon to find 20 or more different spices in their food. Starting with onion and tea, which are some of the culprits.

Spices are natural ingredients and until we know exactly what elements they contain individually and what reaction they have with each other when used or cooked together (just like medication when mixed) until than, we won’t know why do they cause migraines.

To top it off, in most of those countries fried food is the primary diet. Frying meat and spices cause yet a different reaction with each other.
People would be able to cut their migraine headaches in half if they would just avoid some of those spices and stop frying them. But which ones?

Other triggers are caused by the fact that many of those people are poor and don’t have enough to eat and go hungry. Hunger is another culprit of migraines.
So is the location of those countries. Why? Because of the heat of the sun. Hot temperatures are also the cause of migraines, along with high humidity especially if the two of them are combined.

Not because we don’t like warm, but because it is uncomfortable. The shirt is sticking to one’s back, sweaty armpits, sweaty head and eyebrows, knowing there is no relief from the heat in sight. Knowing the heat and sweat will continue tomorrow, can’t sleep at night because of the heat and humidity, mosquitoes, bugs, lack of jobs, lack of food, lack of money, stress, depression, and the list can go on.

With these later ones the psychological effect is the cause of migraines.
So as we see those people don’t have a chance of using conventional methods of any kind of treatment unless they give up some of their tradition, food, spices and lifestyles.

I know it’s hard to give any of those up, because they born into it, grow up with them and it’s their tradition. So what alternatives do they have?
(Having no money, being isolated because of the lack of money to buy a computer for researching information worldwide or to travel or lack of money even for doctors that might be able to help them). Not much!

Going by what the others tell them. “lay down, go to sleep, drink more water, take it easy” etc. Of course they can’t do any of those because they have to be out there chasing money so they can buy food for their kids and to pay for their living expenses. Beside the psychological and all other triggers, a physical trigger is also punishing them.

Many of these triggers are applicable to sufferers in other parts of the world. Much more could be added to the list of triggers, like smells, lack of sleep, stress, tiredness, nervousness, the position of the head at night on the pillow, fast moving objects in traffic or on the street, crowd, noise, light, glare, fear of the unknown, anticipation, meeting strangers, talking to strangers, alcohol, smoking, smoke, indecisiveness,
procrastination, low performance, embarrassment, etc, etc.

So in the end, migraines can be triggered by physical as well as psychological events.

The prevention will depend on the individual and what can they afford. There are treatments and there are treatments out there. Some works and some not. Everyones reaction to treatment is different. We know that none of the pain killers are able to stop migraines once they develop. (perhaps some class A drugs like morphine or similar) . We know that aroma therapy, massage, etc. not working either. The much touted feverfew, butterbur and botox are not working.

There are other natural elements that can stop migraines from developing. These elements prevent migraines from starting thus they are the perfect treatment. We all looking for the treatment of the pain instead of looking for the prevention, which is the key to fight migraine headaches. The pain develops because something started it. Find what starts it and voile, no more migraines. Or if can’t find what starts it, or like the food and lifestyle too much, find what neutralize the ingredients and voile, no more migraines.

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