The first thing is; don’t think of it! If you are suffering from migraine and think of migraines you will get it pretty soon. In the subconscious mind you start a process the brain intercepts and give you what you wish for.
I know it’s hard not to think of it if you are a migraine sufferer, but try.

The second thing is; don’t eat! If you eat you will get a migraine headache. I know it’s crazy and we all have to eat but only eat the right amount. The stomach is satisfied with just a small amount of food and will digest anything you put in. Not picky about what it will eat. One sandwich or a piece of fruit or crackers. No more. Soda is good. I used to sipped and slurped coca cola because reduced the pain. Not drinking it, but only slurping it in tiny gulps, so that it hits the pallet of the mouth and sooths the pain. Helped me a lot in those days. Eat just a few bytes at the time but eat many times a day.

Third thing; don’t drink alcohol! Alcohol aggravates the development of migraine headaches. I know it feels good to have a few when one feeling depressed, but don’t, if you are a migraine sufferer.

Fourth thing; avoid noise! Party, party, party. Traffic, traffic, traffic. Yeah we can’t avoid them. They are all around. The company Christmas party, the kids birthday party, the neighbors party, the office party, etc. etc.. Imagine all that with migraines in full force.
Traffic on the road. raining, horns blowing, people passing and swerving, kids in the back talking and giggling. All that with a full blown migraine.

Fifth thing; avoid the sun, Glaring in the eye from the sun is one of the major migraine causes. People don’t pay attention to that but the sun probably triggers more migraines than food. You are hungry sweaty driving home from work the sun shines into your eyes and the migraine will come on for sure. Can’t avoid it. Getting home and eat don’t help, Cooling down in the bath tub don’t help. Being in a quiet room don’t help. The sun got you!

Sixth thing; Avoid strong smells! Perfumes causing many migraine headaches. Especially if other people around you wearing them. Yours smell good. but theirs stink and you will have a migraine.

And than there are all the food triggers and other triggers, but we’ll talk about those next time.

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