Or is it something else? There are several different types of headaches people usually get. Tension headache, stress headache, medicine headache, cluster headache, migraine headache, etc. I am not going to explain what each of them are as there are plenty of information on the net of them all.

I am going to talk about migraine headache a bit, because as a former sufferer I am most knowledgeable about.

Migraine headache relief. So many migraine sufferers desperately sigh these words during a migraine attack, but most of the time it’s just wishful thinking. I mean what relief is there for a migraine sufferer? We read about acupuncture, read about relaxation, read about aroma therapy, read about …… .

Do they work? Has anyone had their migraine stopped by any of the most often mentioned reliefs?

None worked for me when I had my headaches. Sure I tried many of them and looked forward to the relief, but the relief only lasted while the procedure was ongoing. Than finally one day in 2007 accidentally I stumbled upon something that changed the world for me. The true migraine headache relief! The one that not just gave me relief, but stopped my migraines completely and I have been free of it ever-since.

You can find out more about it here

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