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Treat Migraine Cure Pain

So, why don’t I have migraine headaches anymore? Because I took action and steered off of the beaten path everyone else is using. Going to the store and buy the same old same old. Never worked for me, just as they don’t work for anyone else.

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To suffer, or not to suffer?

Funny how people of permanent conditions like migraine headaches rather suffer, than get something that would stop their pain and suffering. I mean here is what I think probably the best migraine headache relief and treatment is on the net today and most people would just browse the site and leave without a purchase.

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Migraine treatment test

I love spring onions and chocolate and cheese. Aged cheese and cream cheese and all kinds of cheeses. I used to get migraines from eating spring onions. (those are the green onions you can see in the stores bunched together with the long greenĀ leavesĀ still attached to them)

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