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Think about it for a minute if you are a sufferer!  How much would it worth to you to get rid of it just for one occasion?

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The holiday migraines are on the way

Since I was able to stop my migraines I am a new person. I am looking forward to events and activities and holidays. I still shudder of the memories of my bad bad headaches that was exacerbated by the oncoming of the holidays. Shopping malls, crowd, stores, selecting the presents, pressure and stress, anxiety.

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New migraine test

Today I am starting a new migraine test.

During the past three years since I have been using this daily migraine treatment I had not had a single migraine headache.  During this time I had tested it twice to see the effectiveness of it and both times the headaches returned after a week or a week and a half later, but as soon as I started the treatment back again the headaches stopped.

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