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Holiday migraines

The holiday season is approaching and migraine sufferers around the world thinking about survival techniques. What to do when the family is coming over for dinner or the kids have a holiday play in school and I am going to have a migraine.

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Save on migraine relief

Big savings on migraine relief until the end of this month. If you buy the migraine treatment before the end of August 2010. You will get a half year (180 days) supply completely free of charge including free shipping to any country in the world.

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Work, School, Everyday tasks Migraines

Hola, the schools are starting in a couple of weeks and with that a bit more stress for the parents and children alike. Stress is healthy to a certain extent. Builds character they say. But not so when one suffers from migraines. Ouch, that hurts a lot.

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How to kill migraines?

“Doctor’s Opinion on Migraine Relief

“Killing a migraine in the first five minutes is key to relief,”

What a load of crap!

I’ve found this on one of the migraine sites that supposed to be a good site for migraine information. “But yet it’s just another of those vague definition, let’s say something of migraines, site”

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