The holiday season is approaching and migraine sufferers around the world thinking about survival techniques. What to do when the family is coming over for dinner or the kids have a holiday play in school and I am going to have a migraine.

Well….. Stop eating foods that triggers the headache. Or stop all stressful activities, including stress on the digestive system that triggers much of the migraines anyway. Stop thinking about it and just deal with it when it comes. Ignore it.

Forget about “the whole in the heart” theory. It’s just that, a theory.
No salvation of talking about how bad your migraines are and what and what not helped a bit, last time you’ve used or did something.
Small victory over a big problem.

Why not go for the kill and get rid of it? Migraine relief is easy. The key to it is prevention.

All in my life I did what all of the migraine sufferers do! Fighting the pain, until I have discovered prevention. From that on I had no more migraines and I am eating and doing the same as I did before, the only difference is, the lack of pain.

As soon as I started to look for the prevention of my migraines I looked at the pain diffrently. Sort of like a scientist would look for a solution to something. Than one day, I’ve noticed I have fewer migraines and the rest is history.

Something unexpected happened tho. I can eat and do anything I want and no migraine. But not just me, but some of the people that kept in touch after purchasing it said the same.

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