How do you know you have a migraine? What are the tell tale signs?

With me it was just a hint of a feeling, that I might be getting a headache. I usually took some pain killers hoping it’ll stop it before develops.
Well that would work with regular headaches, but not with migraines. When you are a migraine sufferer and it feels like the headache might be coming on, you try to do whatever you have to do fast because you know the larger portion of the day and the following days are going to be ruined.

That first sign of -I might be getting a headache- is the sign of doom!
Usually occurs sort of like around one of the eyes or sort of like on the same side of the forehead. Pain killers don’t help. Once you notice that slight pain, the migraine will come on.

I am not sure if there is any kind of medication that would be able to stop this process in the early stages but I have not used or heard of anything like that. I had been to doctors and had all kinds of scans and tests and took all kinds of medications, but nothing helped.

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