A couple of friends with migraines

It’s been 6.5 years now since my discovery of this migraine stopper. The most recent development is that a few months back I’ve told about this to a couple of people I knew and they have started using it and their migraines had stopped too.

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What to eat when having a migraine

What can I eat when suffering with migraine?

As far as what to eat when having a migraine headache? It doesn’t matter what you eat. Eat whatever you feel like eating.

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There is no cure for it as of yet. No need to beat around the bush and protend there is a cure. NO CURE!

Some treatments are very effective while others are a waste of money. Check this out for probably the best treatment you’ll be able to find. Click Here

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Money back guarantee ended

As the last day of October has passed the 6 months money back guarantee has also ended.

We were offering a six months  money back guarantee to anyone who purchased the migraine treatment during the month of October. Not to many people had taken advantage but those who did will get their money back if not seeing any positive result in six months from the date of purchase.

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What is a migraine ?

I would classify it as a pain in the butt and not just in the head. Why? Because it’s annoying. Annoying because we can’t defend ourself against it. Being as intelligent as we are and knowing as much as we do, yet a small little thing like migraine can incapacitate an otherwise perfectly normal person. I’t s like when someone is dying, say of old age and their body is giving up, but their mind is as sharp as a razor. Terrible. Read the rest of this entry

Migraine treatment test

I love spring onions and chocolate and cheese. Aged cheese and cream cheese and all kinds of cheeses. I used to get migraines from eating spring onions. (those are the green onions you can see in the stores bunched together with the long green leaves still attached to them)

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How do you know you have a migraine? What are the tell tale signs?

With me it was just a hint of a feeling, that I might be getting a headache. I usually took some pain killers hoping it’ll stop it before develops.
Well that would work with regular headaches, but not with migraines. When you are a migraine sufferer and it feels like the headache might be coming on, you try to do whatever you have to do fast because you know the larger portion of the day and the following days are going to be ruined.

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