I would classify it as a pain in the butt and not just in the head. Why? Because it’s annoying. Annoying because we can’t defend ourself against it. Being as intelligent as we are and knowing as much as we do, yet a small little thing like migraine can incapacitate an otherwise perfectly normal person. I’t s like when someone is dying, say of old age and their body is giving up, but their mind is as sharp as a razor. Terrible.

I am fine now since I am on this treatment. I had not had a migraine headache for three years now and I can tell it makes a major difference in my life. I mean here I am almost ten in the evening and I am on this blog and I am not even worried about tomorrow morning like I used to. I had been busy today and really hungry and was walking all day out on the sun and among a crowd of people and I am not worried at all. I know I am not going to have the migraine. I am taking my treatment every day.

There was a time I didnt’ take it for a week and the migraines was trying to come back, but as soon as I took my treatment, never developed into one. I am faithful to it and it’s faithful to me. Does it’s job and that’s all I care. No side effects whatsoever.

I was thinking of the many people who still using the same conventional treatments of pain killers and suffers and sighs and wishes and tail in between the legs go to bed hoping tomorrow will be better. Why?

Why not just get this same stuff I am on and forget it. Are they masochists? Must be.

I was going through some forums this evening just to keep up with the Joneses and was pretty surprised reading some of the comments and articles. The articles usually repeat the same thing. Some generalized advice and no more and the comments are true suffering. Suffering of the sufferers, repeating to each other what is not working for them. People like to stay in their comfort zone, thus preventing them to look to other directions.

There is a cure for migraines.

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