The migraine treatment at works great. It was discovered by chance almost 3 years ago. The 8 ingredients it combines, are very-very powerful migraine stoppers. They occur naturally in many plants and one might even be using some of them when they are cooking, or in other ways, but all of them combined and the right amount that makes it work.

The site gets many visitors from the far east of India and China and the Indonesian Islands. The foods in those regions are known to be very spicy and as we know, spices are a no no when one is suffering from migraines.  I know it’s hard to give up those yummy spices but might help those people.

With this treatment all spices can be eaten and as much as one likes. No limit to the foods you can eat, or the drinks you can drink. Chocolate, coffee, cheese, alcohol,  none of them triggers the headache with this treatment.  As a metter of fact I had not found any food or spice as of yet, since I am taking this treatment, that can trigger the migraines.

I could not find anything since I am taking them, that would trigger migraines.  Noise, light, hunger, nervousness, anxiety, etc. don’t trigger it anymore. I can drive with the sun shining into my eyes, the radio blasting and millions of cars around me in an unknown city and I am not getting migraines.  As long as I am taking the treatment daily.

There have been occasions during these past three years when I ran out of the treatment and each time, after just a week of not taking them I could feel the telltale signs of the migrane headache as it was trying to come back. So I went out to the store and bought some more. This is available in any country in the world for cheap.  Why don’t they sell it in the pharmacy??? They do sell it there too.

Have to be taken daily but that’s nothing compare to the headaches one gets.

When I had my migraines 4-5 days per week I’ve  had a hard time dealing with them. No matter what I did the migraine never failed to come. I’ve had 2 or 3 days break and than Bammmm, just like clockwork the headache would start for no reason at all. I’ve missed a lot of my children growing up because of it. Missed many school plays and activities with them. Parties and trips. So I know how debilitating a migraine headaches can be.

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