There are so many pages of migraine cure info out there that says the same over and over again. Some claims it’s easy as pie, others just list food triggers, yet others just mention a few words about migraine headaches in general and build a few pages around that and about ssrs and triptans and migra.. whatever.

They have no idea of what they are talking about and no idea of what migraine is. They’ve found a niche and copied and pasted a few sentences and built a website around that.

Aren’t people bored with that same info just about anywhere they go, when searching for migraine headache relief?

I mean there is no real new info in those pages about migraine headaches.
I admit we have no idea of what causing it to start with and don’t know how to cure it. But some sites claims the blood vessels gets enlarged and than shrinks and causing uneven pressure and causing migraines, some claims there is a hole in the heart, some claims hormonal inbalances, and others claim something else.

In reality we have no idea! We know of some triggers, but that’s about it.

Some foods, spices, onions, heat, the sun, reflection of light, the weather, the surrounding, our mood, the way we’ve slept the night before, crowd, noise, smells, sudden movement of the head or the eye, going out of our comfort zone, not knowing what’s going to happen next, work pressure, fear of the unknown, anticipation of something, the sixth sense, (like when you have a sense of something and it’ll happen in the next few minutes) with me at least, many times I was thinking of something or of someone and for a fraction of a second I had a strong feeling of the outcome of whatever I was doing or thinking of. Like when you think of someone and in the next minute the phone rings and that person is calling you).

I would be in the store and while trying to see some item someone walks in front of me out of the blue blocking my view as soon as I would get a clear view of the item. I had this sense many times and sure enough most of the time someone walked in front of me. Or else, driving the car and no one around but before I get to the traffic circle I have a strong sense of someone coming right when I get there and I have to stop to let them go because they have the right of way and sure enough out of the clear street no one around and someone will be at the traffic circle just when I get there.

Or else I make tea and for a split second I can see I will spill it and it’ll happen while I am really careful not to spill it.

I am not even sure what to call these split second sights but they triggered my migraines once in a while.

Causes and triggers are many. Almost anything can trigger migraine headaches. Could the underlying be mental and physical?

It’s a thought, just as valid as anything else out there.

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