How to Stop Migraines

Advice from a former chronic migraine sufferer!

First of all be brave. Migraine headache is not something to take lightly. Those who have it can tell you it’s about a hundred times worst than a toothache.

How do you stop migraine headaches?

You Can’t! If you are not using any migraine prevention techniques, the very best you can do is to pay attention to what brings it on.

Just about every migraine sufferer have the same common triggers. Stress, food, excitement, unexpected events, going to an event, meeting with strangers, going to places where there is noise, anticipation like, -who am I going to meet, who am I going to have to talk with, what am I going to talk about, is there going be a bathroom if I have to go, do I have to stand in line, what if I get a migraine, etcetera. Anticipation of something that might or might not going to happen.

These subliminal thoughts are some of the most dangerous ones
for bringing on the migraine.The others are more physical, like noise, smell, sun shining into the eyes, crowd, continuous avoidance of bumping into other people if there is a crowd, reflection, hunger, thirst, etc. etc.

How to fight these triggers? I think one might have to learn shrugging. Shrug it off. I used to say “ohh it’s no big deal” whatever happens it happens. I am just gonna wing it. Sometimes helped, sometimes did not, but on some occasions it did.

Food related triggers are different because can’t be just shrugged off. Those foods needs to be avoided or find out why do they trigger your migraines and how to prevent that trigger.

Mood related triggers can be shrugged off. Positive attitude towards everything can help a lot. When one is in a good mood the migraine likely to stay away. Try not to be depressed or else the migraine will definitely will come on.Sipping cola helped me reduce the intensity for short terms.

Staying out of the afternoon sun helps. Setting the alarm clock an hour early in the morning and changing the position of the pillow to a more comfortable position until the real alarm goes off helps to avoid it sometimes.

Stop doing what ever you are doing and start a completely different activity can help. (like from sitting in front of the computer, go do some gardening, or from cooking, go do some walking, or from watching TV go do some washing dishes, etc.) do something different, but still familiar activity. I used to just stopped what ever I was doing and started something else, just to get my mind off of the headache.

Make sure at the very first hint of a sign take migraine medication. Do it at the very first hint that indicates the migraine might be coming on. If you delay it until it starts, you don’t have a chance to stop it. I also started to sip cola at that point because sometimes it blocked the migraine from developing further.

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