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On this page you'll find some generalised information about migraines that everyone repeats and re-words  all over the net, but you need to Read the page  Migraine Treatment if you want to get relief.


How to identify and treat migraines.

    Migraine Headaches Symptoms

Some common symptoms of migraine onset include: 


Dramatic sensitivity to light and sound 

Optical flashes or blurriness of vision 

Increased irritability 

Throbbing on one or both sides of the head that gets progressively more intense and painful 

Changes in mood 

Specific food cravings - salty, sweet, chocolate etc.


Once these symptoms start you know how hard it is to do anything but lie down in the dark and hope there are no loud noises or unfinished tasks to complete before the pain gets so intense that it is hard to even open your eyes. When you recognise these symptoms, the best you can do is finish all important chores before the pain comes to full force.

 Causes of Migraines

Modern medicine has not yet been able to pinpoint the exact cause of migraines. There are some theories regarding certain hormones and brain functions. One example is that reduced levels of the chemical serotonin has been found to effect the free flowing function of blood in the brain thus causing the sensation of pain. Genetics has also been found to play a part in determining if someone will be susceptible to having migraines.

Clue to migraine headache cause


Migraine Triggers

There are many external factors that can trigger migraines in people who are prone to getting them.  Some of these are: 




Hormonal changes 

Strong odors or allergies to perfumes  

Some spices or foods 

Poor nutrition 

Lack of oxygen due to strenuous activity 



To date there are no cures for the root of the migraine mystery and most mainstream prescriptions and treatments only mask the pain. When I realized that the preventative treatment I had developed in my desperation for normalcy actually worked long-term I decided I had to share this Migraine Relief and Prevention with others.

According to sufferers, this can also be triggered by weather conditions. These factors are almost endless and one would have to attack all of them in order to prevent the headache.

Migraine Cure

The medical community has not been able to find a cure for this yet, but they are working on it. At the moment no cure exist, only treatments.


Migraine Relief

Once the pain starts it is almost impossible to stop it. There are some alternative treatments available for temporary relief such as acupuncture, massage therapy, specific types of aroma therapy, although in most, smells and odors are one of the migraine triggers. Resting in a dark quiet room using hot or cold packs and drinking a few glasses of water can alleviate some of the pain. Some have found the herbs feverfew and butterbur can offer temporary relief. Some report that slowly sipping cola through a straw to hit the pallet of the mouth, or eating red grapes can offer some temporary relief. Adjusting one’s diet to avoid some trigger foods or to make sure one is properly nourished is also important. 


If you experience severe head pain very often and not even prescription pain pills  seem to help temporarily it is advisable that you go to the Doctor to make sure you do not have something more serious going on.  

Migraine Prevention

Since a migraine cure does not exist, prevention is the only hope to live a normal happy life without fear of when the next “big one” will come. 


Prevention is the only way to be free of migraine headaches.   


Trying to avoid the triggers in our modern times is an impossible task. Temporary relief from alternative methods also only go so far and can be very costly and time consuming. With this affordable Migraine Relief and Prevention treatment taken just once a day, every day you can forget about the worry of looming migraines.


Migraine treatment

Typically people that suffers from migraines develop their own mechanism for treating the condition.

There are several techniques discussed and mentioned on the net that might be able to offer some relief. Some thinks the diet of the sufferer needs to be checked, as many triggers are food related and those foods needs to be analyzed. Tehe activities of the person suffering from migraine needs to be analyzed 

Resting in a dark quiet room using hot or cold packs, drinking more water might help to recuperate faster. Using non steroidal anti inflammatory medication and over the counter pain killers.


Read this page Migraine Treatment and have your life back.



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Susanna D (Hungary) 

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