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If you are a migraine sufferer and would like to learn more about it along with information on considering a migraine headache treatment, read on.

Introduction to Migraines

Migraines affect approximately one in six people across the world and are defined as a headache that prevents you from carrying on your day-to-day life due to the pain. In general, women are more susceptible to migraines. It's also believed that migraines are genetic and may run in the family. Although I dispute this theory, because none of my family members has it!

While the exact cause of migraines is unknown, there are several theoratical explanations. One is believed to start when serotonin is released into the bloodstream. But, what triggers that serotonin release? Some experts chalk it up to stress, others to poor diet and still others to everything from environmental stimulants to hormones.

Diagnosing a Migraine

The most apperent symptom of a migraine is the throbbing and almost unbearable pain around your eyes and one side of the head. Most migraine sufferers are extra sensitive to light, smell and various sounds - often have to escape to a dark and quiet room. Some migraine sufferers have nausea and vomiting as well.

Treating Migraines

The most common migraine headache medication is an acetaminophen which most people take after the headache has started. Other drugs used include triptans or ergotamines.

However, using drugs to dull the symptoms of a migraine is not a truly beneficial treatment. Instead, sufferers should focus on identifying the cause of their migraines and preventing them from occurring.

Also taking pain killers once the headache is fully in effect does not do much at all. You have to take it as soon as you think you will have the migraine come on. Waiting for the real symptoms of the headache is to late for trying to stop it.

The most common preventive method is to eliminate foods that may trigger migraines like caffeine, alcohol, nitrites, cheeses. In addition to eliminating these and other foods that susceptible, you should also focus on increasing your magnesium aspartate and Vitamin B levels.

The next most effective method of reducing the instance of migraines is by reducing daily stress levels although this is also debatable. Try to exercise every day and engage in relaxation or meditation breathing. You could sign up for a Yoga class or simply relax each day to a meditative tape. None of these works for eliminating migraines.


When taken twice a day over a period of time, Butterbur root has been proven to help in the treatment of migraines. However, because certain kinds of butterbur root can be toxic to the kidneys and liver, you should look for a variety that's approved for long-term use. Common side effects of butterbur include itchy or dry eyes, diarrhea and nausea.


Feverfew is traditionally used to heal colds, coughs, fever and dyspepsia. However, the active constituents in feverfew are anti-inflammatory and they also promote melatonin, which helps the body rejuvenate and helps you to sleep better as it is also a sleeping hormon.Because of this, feverfew can give some relief of migraines and is used as migraine headache treatment.

Though rare, feverfew can cause mouth ulcers and indigestion.

As all who suffer from migraine headaches are painfully aware, the intense pain can be crippling when it occurs - and the need for relief becomes a priority.

No conventional or alternative migraine headache relief will produce the same positive results for everyone. However, for those who routinely seek relief, the effort and money to find a helpful solution is well worth it.



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