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"Almost Everything You Have Been Told About Stopping Migraine Headaches Is Wrong"


I admit, that's a bold statement. However it is completely true as I will explain it to you in the next few paragraphs.

The first big misconception about migraine headaches is, that we have to use drugs once the pain has developed. This is totally false.

There are other methods for reducing the pain. Some are more, some are less effective, but if you use drugs, (unless you are using prescription strength), they are not going to do you any good. Meaning, they are ineffective for stopping the headache once it already started. You can also get medicine headache on top of the migraine if you are not careful.


Methods of Migraine Treatment.


  • Prevention   
  • Selection   
  • Attention   
  • Life style change   


Let's look at Migraine Prevention.

Of all stopping of migraines, this is the most important! In order for an effective migraine treatment, we have to look at the causes. What are the causes that usually onsets the headache. There are many and differs with everybody and differs by circumstances of each individual. 

Circumstances, like; Living conditions and whether it satisfies you or makes you stressed, nervous or depressed, The bed you sleep in and if it's comfortable to get a good nite sleep in. Allergies, something that you might be allergic to at home or at work. Sensitivity to the surroundings, -example; noise, crowd, smells, heat, humidity, tiredness, stress, lifestyle. Anxiety that's caused by all of the above. etc. 

Try to be judgemental of your circumstances to find out what makes you not normal (so to speak) and what can you change if necessary to achieve migraine relief. 

The goal is migraine prevention !

Let's look at Selection.

Selection means we have to select the triggers. What we eat is important to the body, because that's where it gets it's energy from. We know the main triggers are food related. We have to eat every day, but not just what we eat but how we eat our food matters too. Rushing during the meal, worrying of staining our shirt while we eat, worrying of how we eat when we are participants of a business lunch for example, are increasing the stress levels and  because of those thoughts the migraine will come on.

Beside that, the food we eat can cause migraines. There are many many migraine sufferers in the far east countries of India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Africa, the Arab countries and even South America. Because their food is very spicy, -not uncommon to find 20 or more different spices in their cooking- more people have migraine headaches. I have to mention onion as one of the common food ingredient in those countries and also one of the main culprit in migraine headaches.

Read about migraine food triggers and be selective.

Activities can trigger migraines as well. Physical activities for example can put a strain on the body and dilute the blood vessels rushing blood to the brain causing them to swell too fast. Yawning to much or deeply in the morning can cause headaches, as some of you probably had noticed before. Hunger too, can trigger it. Reflection of light especially out in the sun, (like walking or driving by a large glass walled office building, reflecting light as a mirror). Dust is also able to trigger it when combined with heat and humidity. The setting sun is another trigger when it shines into our eyes. Being too tired. Being impatient. Things don't go your way, can trigger it, create stress.

Being lazy not doing anything, can also be a trigger, because no activity is going on physically nor mentally thus causing procrastination and indecisiveness, which in turn cause frustration and there you have another migraine.  You have to select your foods and activities to prevent it.

 Let's look at Attention.

 We all forget to pay attention to detail especially when we are concentrating on the first signs of a migraine starting. That detail we should watch out for, might be the key to learn what is going on. What is starting the headache and learn from it and try to avoid it the next time. (What did I eat? What did I do? What had happened just recently? What did I do last evening? Did I sleep good last night, or was I awake a lot? How was my head positioned on the pillow? Was it too warm in the bedroom? Did the dog peed on the floor)? etc. etc.

Anything can trigger it and by paying attention we can do a preliminary assessment and we'll able to watch out the next time and confirm it, if that's the trigger.


Let's look at Lifestyle change.


We are not talking about changing the way you live. We are talking about your lifestyle change if you follow the above advice. Can you imagine what it would be like if you wouldn't had to worry about migraine pain? If you are a chronic sufferer like I was, you know how much you have missed out in life.

You can

Making lifestyle changes
Obviously, it’s easier to avoid some
triggers than others. You may not have
any problem cutting pickled herring
out of your diet, for example, but
you’re unwilling to give up other
foods. And we all know how hard it is
to avoid stress! But once you realize
what you’ll gain, you’ll find the
motivation to make changes—and
prevent that migraine pain.
If you’ve inherited a tendency to get migraines, you can’t do
anything about your genes. But you can make changes to your
lifestyle to eliminate or reduce factors that may be triggers for
migraines. In this section, we review each of the trigger
categories and suggest steps you can take
eat anything you want to and do anything you want to without the fear of migraines. Go to football games or cricket games. Go to birthdays. Take your children camping. Go dancing. Eat chocolate, cheese, spicy food. You can do all that if you prevent your migraines. Forget about trying to cure the pain. You can't! You can however prevent migraines very effectively!



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