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This Migraine Treatment Prevents Migraines! I have been completely migraine-free since September of 2007.


Using techniques to get short term migraine relief is mostly psychological, but it's worth to try anything that might reduce the pain.

Here are some:

Slooooowly sipping cola or other sweet carbonated drink so that it gets in contact with the pallet of the mouth, can ease the pain. Sometimes if it's used for a couple of hours the pain can stop.

E ating grapes helped some people. Also eating salty or sweet food helped others to lessen the pain.

Taking a hot bath. Sitting or standing, just looking out of ones head and not thinking of anything, can help.

Getting a temple and head massage can offer temporary relief.

Neck and feet massage.

Increase hydration. (drink more water)

Aromatherapy treatment can be combined with medication to soothe your sense. You need to meditate at a place with light specific candle.

Rest is very essential in  silent migraine treatment. You need to choose fewer active rest forms and modify your schedule. You must sleep eight hours every night.

Eye compress may help in getting rid of or reducing migraine pain. You need to apply a cold and wet towel on your eyes for 15 minutes after feeling the first silent migraine symptoms.


Hello! I am very pleased how great this treatment is working for me. After a few weeks of using it my migraines are completely gone!  Thank you!! Aniko Papp ( Hungary)


Thank you for your help with my debilitating migraines. During these past few months since I have used your preventative treatment, my migraines are completely gone! I can’t belive it! Thank you very much for sharing this concept. I stopped using it for a while and then my headaches came back. Now I know that your treatment truly is a preventive of my migraines. Elizabeth Johanson (USA)



Hi. I just wanted to write and say thank you for the treatment. Finally I am able to do whatever I want without the worries of when I will get a migraine. Steve White (USA) 


  The treatment is working very well and we are very pleased.   After just a few weeks I am feeling great. We are off to do some traveling next month. Cheers. Cheryl Kelly (UK) 


I just wanted to say thank you very very much for your help with treating my husband's migraines. I got this product for him as a last resort after trying so many other things. After just a few weeks he is now free of migraines for the first time since we can remember! He is a different man now and actually goes shopping with me! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Pam Wagner (USA) 



First I was skeptical when my husband ordered your product but after just 8 weeks, WOW my headaches stopped and THEY HAVE NOT COME BACK!! Thank you very much 

Susanna D (Hungary) 

 and many many more.