Since I was able to stop my migraines I am a new person. I am looking forward to events and activities and holidays. I still shudder of the memories of my bad bad headaches that was exacerbated by the oncoming of the holidays. Shopping malls, crowd, stores, selecting the presents, pressure and stress, anxiety.

Of course all you migraine sufferers know all about these. I don’t have to divulge into it. Having relatives over or going to relatives for dinner, knowing I am not going to be able to relax, but have to converse and participate. Sitting at the crowded table, be careful so my elbow don’t bump into the others next to me. Waiting for the end so I can go and lay down and forget about the rest of the world celebrating.

Yeah, that was my life. Now it’s different. I am looking forward to these events. I am the one who prepares and even cooks the food. Talking and laughing and sorry to see it all end.

I feel sorry for all those people suffering from this terrible illness. Poping one worthless pill after another agonizing,  getting medicine headache from over using those worthless pills.

I am into my 6th day of my newest migraine test (the 3rd in 3 years) and I am eating dark chocolate as I write. I had some yesterday and the day before too. I love that stuff. All I can say is the treatment seems to work just fine. The day before yesterday I’ve had a mild headache that lasted for the whole day but woke up without one the next morning.

Today I have no headache but I can feel something lingering and I am looking forward to see if I am gonna have one tomorrow or not.

I am not worried because I know this treatment will stop it just a day or two after I am going to start it again. It has done it after the last two tests. This third test is more for curiosity than for proving it. It has been proved it’s working for me.

For those that want to stop or at least reduce the occurrence of their migraines there is still time to try this wonderful migraine treatment

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