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The end of migraine test

Two weeks ago I had started a migraine test the third times during the past three years. It’s been three years since I had stumbled upon a treatment that completely stopped my daily migraine headaches. I have to take it daily as it is a treatment and not a cure but it’s worth it.

I have started this migraine test 2 weeks ago on the Wednesday to see if the treatment is still working. It does.

During these past two weeks I’ve had smaller lighter headaches but nothing major.

Last Friday, 10 days into the test,  I was up until late at night and also ate about a 100 grams of dark chocolate. (I don’t drink alcohol)

On Saturday I woke up with  a headache and  regardless of taking 2 Paracetamol pain killers in the morning  I had to go to sleep around mid day. I awoke about 4 hours later and still had my headache so I took another 2 tablets of Paracetamol pain killer and by the evening my headache has stopped.

Since that I’ve had some moments I thought I will have a headache but I had not. On Monday of this week I had a strong feeling I am having silent migraines where all the symptoms of the migraine’s are present but no pain. I didn’t take any painkiller or anything.

Tuesday I didn’t have that feeling.  So The treatment is working great. I had not had any headaches during these past three years, apart from when I was doing these tests.

You can read all about this on the website http://sufferingfrommigraine.com/ and on this blog.

You can also try it at  http://sufferingfrommigraine.com/migraine-cure.html

Migraine treatment test

I love spring onions and chocolate and cheese. Aged cheese and cream cheese and all kinds of cheeses. I used to get migraines from eating spring onions. (those are the green onions you can see in the stores bunched together with the long green leaves still attached to them)

This past week, the first time in a long long time, I’ve bought a bunch in the store and was looking forward to eat them with some salami and cheese and fresh bread. You know, you eat those onions raw, sliced onto a sandwich or just bite into them.  Anyway, I love them.

Sooo, last week I ate some and guess what? I had no migraine the next day. I used to had such a bad migraine headaches after eating onions that I had to eliminate them completely from my diet. Last week I didn’t even had a hint of migraine. So last night I did the same and no migraine this morning either. Amazing.

The treatment works wonders. My supplies ran out about two weeks ago again and I did a small test again by not going to get more and to see if I would have the migraine return. I don’t even remember now when I had the last one and figured lets see. So I didn’t take the daily treatment for a few days and after a week I was feeling the first signs of the migraine headache trying to come on. That forced me to go out to the store and buy some more treatment, because why have a headache if I don’t have to.

I am sorry for all those folks that come to the web site and leave without purchasing this wonderful treatment. Some might have been trying to save money thinking, “I’ll be fine with the good old stuff that gives me hope but no relief”, some thinks, “it’s just another how to book”, but it’s not. This is the real thing. The same what I am taking and what stopping my migraines from developing.