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A couple of friends with migraines

It’s been 6.5 years now since my discovery of this migraine stopper. The most recent development is that a few months back I’ve told about this to a couple of people I knew and they have started using it and their migraines had stopped too.

Would this be so easy? You better believe it, but I am also convinced all the pharmaceutical companies know about this stuff, but because it’s a public domain, can’t patent it and make zillions off of it.

Anyway, nothing new to report, recently I ran out of the stuff and not used it for about 3 weeks, but my headaches started to come back so I had to buy yet another portion of it. All back to normal now and enjoying migraine free life.

It may sounds incredible to you, but it’s the truth. I’ve met lots of biased know it all people who thinks I am just pulling their legs, but they are the ones with the headache and not me.

So with that, if you read this, it is your choice to decide if you want it or not. Don’t let my accent put you down either as I am not of English speaking origin, but my learnt language. http://sufferingfrommigraine.com/

Nothing is curing my migraine

In reference to the search term “nothing is curing my migraine”, all I can say is, I was thinking the same thing until I stumbled upon this real migraine treatment. Not the junk I used to spend at least a $100-$150  per month or more. The so called migraine medications.

They were junk and still is as far as I am considered. They had done nothing for me except giving me false hopes, medicine headaches on top of my migraines and took my money day after day. (Literally).

With my chronic daily migraines you can imagine how much money I’ve spent on all these worthless concoctions.

But now I am a happy camper. I don’t have any migraines as long as I am taking this treatment every day.

A friend of mine was visiting me last week from another country and he is telling me his wife had ran out of this treatment and to make sure he gets her some more because she is getting her headaches back.

This is available in any country in the world, but where they are from people don’t earn a lot of money and they rather suffer until they get whatever they need cheaper. I know it’s sounds weird but it is the truth. A bottle of this treatment cost  2 days wages where they are from. Over here it cost an hour s wage.

He is a truck driver so he travels quite frequently and he can get it for her cheaper.

Anyway. This had helped her function normally. She is an elementary school teacher and with the kids and noise and the daily activities she has to do with the kids is just overpowering when one has migraine headache that just don’t want to go away.

I know many of you are suffering from migraines out there. I am sure you guys had tried everything and anything of the usual junk migraine meds category.  So here is my advice. Why not give this a try? I mean you are going to spend a $100 dollars this month on those useless junks anyway. You know it’s not going to work. Why not give this a shot. It’s a helluva lot cheaper and a lot more powerful.

All natural and works. True, not everybody was able to stop their migraines, but even those who had not, was able to reduce the frequency and intensity by at least 50% or more. So does it worth it?

To me and for those that had a 100% success I would say yes. To those that only had a 50% success…?  What do you think?  Would it be worth for you to give it  chance?

Think about it.

I stopped my migraines

Many people come and visit this website for information on stopping their migraines. I also read and visit other migraine sites to see what are they talking about and what advice are they giving to their readers.

All I can tell is nothing had changed. They are still talking about the same old boring bull, they were a year ago and a year prior to that. In the meantime I had been living migraine free since 2007.

Friend of mine was visiting this week and says his wife’s treatment ran out and he needs to get more because she is getting her migraines like she used to, before she started taking this treatment.

How amazing, this works for other people too? Regardless of the low price, very few people are taking advantage of the power of this treatment. I guess they rather suffer and go to the store and buy the junk they have been buying just to make themselves psychologically satisfied.

If someone had come to me while I still had my migraines and said -there is a treatment that can stop the pain, I would have jumped on the opportunity. I’ve been to doctors and had done tests and I’ve probably used all the medicines out there that was made for migraine and none had helped my headaches until I’d stumbled upon this.  After about 3 months of usage I had no idea why I didn’t have migraines, until one day I decided to stop taking it and my migraines came back. Took me a few weeks to figure out what was I using and than I’d started again and my migraines stopped again.

That’s how it all started. Since than many people are enjoying the benefits of it. No not the doubters.

If you want to try it go ahead and order it. You can be on it the same day.

Here is the link and just click the link at the bottom of the page.


Migraine headache relief

Migraine Relief

It’s been a while since my last posting about migraine relief, but the reason for that is  there is nothing to post.

I am still taking my migraine treatment every day and my migraines are staying away completely. What it feels like living without migraines? I feel great.

Me and my wife live in the UK and here in the UK on weekends are  lots of flea markets (called car boot sales here) The trunk of the car called “boot”  for some reason in Britain. We go to these as we buy old antique stuff and some other stuff and we  sell them on the internet for good money.

Anyway. These past couple of weekends the weather was really nice and very warm by British standards. We’ have  had it as high as 78 degrees. Very unusual here.

The crowd, the noise, the dust and the constant stepping around people are not for a migraine sufferer. I am sure if you are a sufferer you know what I mean. I mean if you want to look at something 2 steps away from you, by the time you get to it, 3 people stepped in front of you and multiply this by a thousand times by the time you get to the end of the day.

Factor in the dust, the warm weather, the sun in your eyes, the noise and the hunger that develops during the day. Serious, last for days migraine is guaranteed to have.

But not for me. I don’t have to be afraid any more. It’s been like this since the fall of 2007. I remember going to these flea markets before I started on this migraine relief , I always had terrible migraines lasting for  days, by the time the day was finished. I could feel the signs as soon as we’d started out from home.  Anticipating the crowd, the noise, the smells and constantly stepping around people.

Hmmm. Shivering just thinking about those days.


There is no cure for it as of yet. No need to beat around the bush and protend there is a cure. NO CURE!

Some treatments are very effective while others are a waste of money. Check this out for probably the best treatment you’ll be able to find. Click Here

When we are talking about migraine cure and treatment, we are actually asking about how to stop the pain. Click on the above link if you want to stop the pain. If you do want to talk some more about how to stop it, than just leave comment and someone might respond.

I know meds are expensive and especially migraine medications. Why spend all those countless of dollars on over the counter medications that are not working? Why not go here and get it. It works and that’s all matters.

Don’t look for a cure that don’t exist. Chasing dreams before you go to  sleep.

Type this into your search engine or google it or yahoo it, “migraine cure”,  see what comes up. They’ll be all the same. Reformatted, re-written, but all the same, than come back here and get this stuff. Stopped mine completely. It’ll stop yours too.

Money back guarantee ended

As the last day of October has passed the 6 months money back guarantee has also ended.

We were offering a six months  money back guarantee to anyone who purchased the migraine treatment during the month of October. Not to many people had taken advantage but those who did will get their money back if not seeing any positive result in six months from the date of purchase.

The treatment is still available and there is still time for you to have your migraines reduced by the time x-mas rolls around.

Migraine relief

3 Years of migraine free anniversary


Well, here I am at the door step of my three years anniversary since my last migraine headache.(September of 2007)

The treatment is still working excellent. Not just for me but for those who bought it too.

The website was put up on the Internet about a year ago and during this year I had criticism, praise and treason.  Fortunately the negatives didn’t influence some sufferers and now they are enjoying the same benefit and living their life free of migraine headaches. And those who let the bad influence effect their judgement are still searching and reading the same information they had a year ago, looking for that coveted migraine relief.

That’s alright. Fortunately we are living in a world where we can make our own decisions regarding to the wide variety of options available to us.

Still not late to get this  migraine relief if you would like to enjoy the same benefit that comes with it in a few short months. The holiday season is just around the corner.