PainHear this from me, a former daily migraine sufferer.

What treats Migraines? Some say it’s tea, for others it’s cold pack on the head. Some swears on massage or aroma therapy. Avoiding spicy food didn’t work either. Eating grapes, drinking cola, putting stones on my head, talking to shamans, etc, etc, etc.┬áNone worked for me.

There isn’t much to talk about treatment and cure and the pain as there is no new magic bullet on treating migraines. Every website I visit touts the same information. Boring, boring, boring. It’s been going on for years and will go on until one of the pharmaceutical companies will produce something effective to make huge money.

Unlike the treatment I am using that is widely available in any country in the world and cost pennies per day and that’s why it isn’t packaged by a pharmaceutical company. It’s public domain. Not patentable, no money in it.

I was all fed up and still am with all that mumbo jumbo bull**** stuff they were and are still talking about without any effect or help to those that suffers from migraines.

The stuff I am using had stopped my migraines completely. Not just mine, but I am sure others too. People that I personally know and had told them about what I am using and had followed my instructions had the same result. Might be just coincidence or might be the treatment we are all waiting for. So why is it kept a secret?

Medicine is huge business. Imagine the ┬ámigraine pain for an example. While I was suffering from it, I’ve spent between $20-30 dollars per week on so called pain killers and some other non working stuff. Spent money on other methods that also didn’t make any difference with my daily headache. Those medicines are expensive for the sole reason of being needed and those that need them will pay the price in the hope of stopping the pain and those that producing them take advantage of the millions of sufferers. Their slogan: Give them hope and they’ll pay.

As severe as my daily debilitating migraines were, this stuff I am using took it all away. Just like that. After 3 months of daily usage my headaches magically stopped. When I stopped using it for a couple of weeks the pain re-appeared again until I started to use it again on a daily basis which I still have to do or else the migraine is back.

Since the fall of 2007 when I started using it, this treatment showed no side or any adverse effects whatsoever.

Those of us that are using it on a continuous daily basis benefit from it’s power. Those that were and are sceptics are still suffering from their headaches.

Read more here and how to get it.


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