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Migraine is killing me

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I used to say that when I was having my daily migraines.

Update about my Migraines

Today is the 23rd of February 2013 and this is my true story!! If you think the grammar is off a bit, that’s because I am not of English speaking origin, but I do live in the UK.

It’s been a few years now since I’ve started this website and blog as the result of a fantastic find that stopped my daily migraines.

Before that I was a full blown migraine sufferer with migraines that lasted at least five days of every week. Occasionally lasting for two to three continuous weeks.
I was a -real migraine sufferer ever since I was a child.

Than in 2007 I came upon this find by accident and started to use it just to make me feel better. You know the feeling when you suffer from this illness, depression, inadequacy, pain, etc. I was just trying to balance out all that with this stuff.  The result was unexpected. After a few months of usage, it completely stopped my migraines.

I had no idea what I did different compare to what I usually do. I ate the same and drank the same. I am a smoker, drinking a few cups of coffee every day and I also like fried food. I don’t drink alcohol tho and I’ve never used any illegal drugs.

One day I just noticed I have less migraines, than as the days and weeks passed by I had less and less and than I just stopped having them and than….. all of a sudden,  the migraines started to come back

I couldn’t attribute it to anything, so I was trying to think back to see what has changed and nothing has came up. Than it just downed on me, I bought this stuff about 3-4 months prior and started taking it and just recently I have stopped taking it.

So, I started taking it again every single day and sure enough, my migraines started receding again. Since then I have tested it several times by stopping for 2-3 weeks, but the migraines had come back every time and so I was back on the treatment. I need to take this treatment only once a day and that’s all it takes. I do it routinely  first thing in the morning and I am done with it.

The wife of a man who used to worked for me (32 years old) had migraines and after telling her what to do she started on it and became free of migraines after about three months just like I did.

I’ve ran into a childhood friend of mine a couple of years ago and as we were talking, he says his wife suffers from migraines (45 years old). After telling him what to get she has started using it and what do you know?? Her migraines have stopped too.

Than about a year ago he was visiting us and says he needs to get that treatment, because she has ran out of it and her headaches came back. So we drove to the store and got it and she is fine again.

I can tell you more stories similar, but what for? This is just an update of what’s happening since my last post a couple of years ago.

The remarkable thing is, I can do anything now. If I am hungry, or the sun is shining into my eyes, if there is noise, if there is dust, if I do physical work or exercise, or what ever comes my way, the headaches don’t come on anymore as long as I am taking my daily migraine treatment.

If you are interested, read the home page at

Don’t let the grammar steer you away from it, because I am not of English speaking origin and I can’t do much about that.

Down at the bottom of the page there is a blue, -buy it link and if you click on that it’ll take you to the payment page by Paypal where you can buy it and download the info right away and start using it as soon as you have downloaded it.

If you decide to buy it. I advise you to follow the instructions to the letter and don’t stop using it, not even for a day. Later on after about a year or two you can take it every couple of days if you like and it’ll be just about as effective, but take it every day during the first year.