Migraine is killing me

I used to say that when I was having my daily migraines.

Update about my Migraines

Today is the 23rd of February 2013 and this is my true story!! If you think the grammar is off a bit, that’s because I am not of English speaking origin, but I do live in the UK.

It’s been a few years now since I’ve started this website and blog as the result of a fantastic find that stopped my daily migraines.

Before that I was a full blown migraine sufferer with migraines that lasted at least five days of every week. Occasionally lasting for two to three continuous weeks.
I was a -real migraine sufferer ever since I was a child.

Than in 2007 I came upon this find by accident and started to use it just to make me feel better. You know the feeling when you suffer from this illness, depression, inadequacy, pain, etc. I was just trying to balance out all that with this stuff.  The result was unexpected. After a few months of usage, it completely stopped my migraines.

I had no idea what I did different compare to what I usually do. I ate the same and drank the same. I am a smoker, drinking a few cups of coffee every day and I also like fried food. I don’t drink alcohol tho and I’ve never used any illegal drugs.

One day I just noticed I have less migraines, than as the days and weeks passed by I had less and less and than I just stopped having them and than….. all of a sudden,  the migraines started to come back

I couldn’t attribute it to anything, so I was trying to think back to see what has changed and nothing has came up. Than it just downed on me, I bought this stuff about 3-4 months prior and started taking it and just recently I have stopped taking it.

So, I started taking it again every single day and sure enough, my migraines started receding again. Since then I have tested it several times by stopping for 2-3 weeks, but the migraines had come back every time and so I was back on the treatment. I need to take this treatment only once a day and that’s all it takes. I do it routinely  first thing in the morning and I am done with it.

The wife of a man who used to worked for me (32 years old) had migraines and after telling her what to do she started on it and became free of migraines after about three months just like I did.

I’ve ran into a childhood friend of mine a couple of years ago and as we were talking, he says his wife suffers from migraines (45 years old). After telling him what to get she has started using it and what do you know?? Her migraines have stopped too.

Than about a year ago he was visiting us and says he needs to get that treatment, because she has ran out of it and her headaches came back. So we drove to the store and got it and she is fine again.

I can tell you more stories similar, but what for? This is just an update of what’s happening since my last post a couple of years ago.

The remarkable thing is, I can do anything now. If I am hungry, or the sun is shining into my eyes, if there is noise, if there is dust, if I do physical work or exercise, or what ever comes my way, the headaches don’t come on anymore as long as I am taking my daily migraine treatment.

If you are interested, read the home page at http://sufferingfrommigraine.com

Don’t let the grammar steer you away from it, because I am not of English speaking origin and I can’t do much about that.

Down at the bottom of the page there is a blue, -buy it link and if you click on that it’ll take you to the payment page by Paypal where you can buy it and download the info right away and start using it as soon as you have downloaded it.

If you decide to buy it. I advise you to follow the instructions to the letter and don’t stop using it, not even for a day. Later on after about a year or two you can take it every couple of days if you like and it’ll be just about as effective, but take it every day during the first year.

Migraine headache relief

Migraine Relief

It’s been a while since my last posting about migraine relief, but the reason for that is  there is nothing to post.

I am still taking my migraine treatment every day and my migraines are staying away completely. What it feels like living without migraines? I feel great.

Me and my wife live in the UK and here in the UK on weekends are  lots of flea markets (called car boot sales here) The trunk of the car called “boot”  for some reason in Britain. We go to these as we buy old antique stuff and some other stuff and we  sell them on the internet for good money.

Anyway. These past couple of weekends the weather was really nice and very warm by British standards. We’ have  had it as high as 78 degrees. Very unusual here.

The crowd, the noise, the dust and the constant stepping around people are not for a migraine sufferer. I am sure if you are a sufferer you know what I mean. I mean if you want to look at something 2 steps away from you, by the time you get to it, 3 people stepped in front of you and multiply this by a thousand times by the time you get to the end of the day.

Factor in the dust, the warm weather, the sun in your eyes, the noise and the hunger that develops during the day. Serious, last for days migraine is guaranteed to have.

But not for me. I don’t have to be afraid any more. It’s been like this since the fall of 2007. I remember going to these flea markets before I started on this migraine relief , I always had terrible migraines lasting for  days, by the time the day was finished. I could feel the signs as soon as we’d started out from home.  Anticipating the crowd, the noise, the smells and constantly stepping around people.

Hmmm. Shivering just thinking about those days.

What to eat when having a migraine

What can I eat when suffering with migraine?

As far as what to eat when having a migraine headache? It doesn’t matter what you eat. Eat whatever you feel like eating.

When I was having a migraine attack I always craved salty or sweet foods. I just had to have food with taste in it. Not really spicy but someting that had strong flavor.

Cake with butter cream or some sort of Danish that was sticky and sweet, or Mc Donalds fryes with more salt on them. Breaded chicken, fryed bacon, etc.

Eating just sugar and eating just salt with a spoon wasn’t enough. I had to have them with something that gave them flavor. Drinking cola helped me with my headaches. I had to slurp it really slow for the coke to hit the pallet of my mouth. Great temporary relief! Only cola worked for me.

What you eat is only matters while you don’t have the migraine headache. But as soon as you feel the headache is coming on you can eat whatever you want because as you well know, nothing will stop it.

As a matter of fact when I was having migraines, eating eased the pain somewhat. Perhaps it was just my imagination or my attention was diverted from the pain, but it helped.
Native Remedies MiGone Plus – Herbal Remedy to Prevent & Cure Chronic Cluster Headaches & Migraines


There is no cure for it as of yet. No need to beat around the bush and protend there is a cure. NO CURE!

Some treatments are very effective while others are a waste of money. Check this out for probably the best treatment you’ll be able to find. Click Here

When we are talking about migraine cure and treatment, we are actually asking about how to stop the pain. Click on the above link if you want to stop the pain. If you do want to talk some more about how to stop it, than just leave comment and someone might respond.

I know meds are expensive and especially migraine medications. Why spend all those countless of dollars on over the counter medications that are not working? Why not go here and get it. It works and that’s all matters.

Don’t look for a cure that don’t exist. Chasing dreams before you go to  sleep.

Type this into your search engine or google it or yahoo it, “migraine cure”,  see what comes up. They’ll be all the same. Reformatted, re-written, but all the same, than come back here and get this stuff. Stopped mine completely. It’ll stop yours too.

New migraine test

Today I am starting a new migraine test.

During the past three years since I have been using this daily migraine treatment I had not had a single migraine headache.  During this time I had tested it twice to see the effectiveness of it and both times the headaches returned after a week or a week and a half later, but as soon as I started the treatment back again the headaches stopped.

Today is the first day of the third test and I am not going to take it for 2 weeks. In two weeks time I am going to write an article about the test result.

I used to be a chronic migraine sufferer, having the headaches 4 sometimes 5 continuous days per week. My life was on the edge of misery since my childhood with my daily migraines. I had learned to live with it, but had I not been self employed during all these years I am not sure how different my life would have turned out.

Migraine is such a serious illness that many people loose their jobs because of it. One needs a very understanding boss and company in order to keep it. Self employment is pretty much the only sure way  to live a sort of normal life as a migraine sufferer.

Since when I started using this daily treatment my life has completely changed. After starting it, it took about two months for noticing the result of having less headaches. After about another two months I had no more headaches. This might be different with others because some users had reported the headaches stopping after two months and for some took as long as 5 months.

During these (in between) months the headaches were reduced by a considerable amount even if they didn’t completely disappear until than.

There is no question about this migraine treatment is working great. The question is whether it’s lasting after so many years of using it, or is it still recurring when the treatment is stopped.  There is no cure exist for migraines as of yet, only treatments such as this. But while most of them don’t work, this seems to be working just fine.

During these past three years I have not noticed any negative side effects. Since the ingredients are all natural I am not sure if they have any side effects. What ever I’ve read about them none of them mentioned any. Some people might be allergic but if you consult your doctor before starting I am sure they can tell you what to do and most people would know of their own allergic conditions anyway. These don’t contain any feverfew or butterbur.

I am very happy with this migraine relief and if you hang around for a couple of weeks, you can read about the outcome of this test.  Cheers

Migraine and Medicine Headache

Most migraine sufferers overdose on pain killers in the hope of stopping the throbbing pain.

As we sufferers all know the pain killer medicines that are sold for migraines, are not capable of stopping the pain. So than why are we spending zillions of dollars every year to buy them? The answer to that is easy. “hope dies last”.

There you have it. We all hope this time it will work. The influence of the advertisements we see, the labels on the bottles, all say “try this, this will stop it”. Of course this is nothing but another painkiller ad re-worded and advertised as migraine medicine.

We all tried Excedrin millions of times and did not help. Than came the same pill renamed “migraine Excedrin” we tried that and did not work. Than came different migra- “whatever” pills and we tried those and did not work, but they did something else. They gave us medicine headache. Why? Because we all took too many, thinking – the advertisements and the labels all promise this will stop my migraines I must be the one doing something wrong, I am gonna take another one-, yet the pills just simply didn’t work.

The result was overdosing, leading to medicine headache on top of our migraines. We traded the single migraine headache for a double headache. That let us forget our migraines because now we concentrated on our medicine headache as that one made us more nauseous and made us fell like dying.

So we all concentrated on our medicine headache and was trying to figure out how to get rid of it. The answer? Take a pain killer. Right?
Yep, and we sure did. Until we fell asleep waking up a few ours later appreciating our regular common migraine headache that’ll end in a couple of days anyway and than we  started to wonder about migraine relief.

Migraine Prevention

Migraine Prevention

As we know migraine headaches are really a debilitating illness.

Why is it an illness?  Because it is so intense that the bearer can’t concentrate on anything else but the pain. It effects the thinking, the reflexes, the mood, the appetite also effects the overall well being and can last for days.

What is the best method for stopping migraines?

The very best and the only working solution of stopping migraine

headaches is prevention!

There is no other known cure.

How to prevent something we don’t even know the cause of?

Migraine can be triggered by many things. What ever we can think of is able to trigger the headache. So the only thing we can do is to use a general approach to the cause. The most important method of that approach goes back to our diet.
[ad#Google Adsense]The body is a very very fine mechanism, with many tiny little parts working in unison ableing us to function. If this balance is upset somehow, the parts aren’t fitting perfectly and the body is starting to act out of the ordinary.
This might sounds to you as a bunch of mumbo-jumbo but it’s the truth. All pharmaceutical products are telling us to fight the pain, (because it is big business) although the pain is the result of the imbalance of conditions.
So the answer should be obvious, right? Than why don’t we fight the cause instead of the pain? Because the pain is easier to sense. We can feel it, we can react to it immediately.
We can’t feel the cause, because it happens in the back ground and we don’t even know until we have the result of that happening.

So if you think about it logically, trying to find the answer, what would you need to do in order to prevent your migraines? I am sure you start with eating right, get more sleep, stop unnecessarily hyping things up, what else, ……….?

You might find the answer, but the answer is not that simple. The reason is because we are all different. Different habits, diets, tolerance, built, different immunism of our body.
There might be a genetic reason, might not. No one knows it for sure and at this stage is only speculation, just like everything else. Chromosome 8 might be the one that acts as a mechanism for the trigger, but what causing chromosome 8 to trigger? Again go back to the basics because the basics never change. What causing it? Diet? Behavior? Stress? Chromosome 8?

Migraine Prevention

We don’t know, but I have a suspicion chromosome 8 isn’t the answer. Just like the whole in the heart theory a few years ago went out the window.
There are however some general prevention methods sufferers use. Most of them are temporary, some don’t do anything at all and there are a few that works longer. Which one to use? The choice is obvious. The one that works longer.

“14th century English logician William of Ockham. Occam’s razor as it is commonly referred to states that “entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity” which in pop culture terms has been interpreted as meaning ‘the simplest solution is most often the best.’ “

Read more about long term migraine prevention

Save on migraine relief

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How to avoid migraines

The first thing is; don’t think of it! If you are suffering from migraine and think of migraines you will get it pretty soon. In the subconscious mind you start a process the brain intercepts and give you what you wish for.
I know it’s hard not to think of it if you are a migraine sufferer, but try.

The second thing is; don’t eat! If you eat you will get a migraine headache. I know it’s crazy and we all have to eat but only eat the right amount. The stomach is satisfied with just a small amount of food and will digest anything you put in. Not picky about what it will eat. One sandwich or a piece of fruit or crackers. No more. Soda is good. I used to sipped and slurped coca cola because reduced the pain. Not drinking it, but only slurping it in tiny gulps, so that it hits the pallet of the mouth and sooths the pain. Helped me a lot in those days. Eat just a few bytes at the time but eat many times a day.

Third thing; don’t drink alcohol! Alcohol aggravates the development of migraine headaches. I know it feels good to have a few when one feeling depressed, but don’t, if you are a migraine sufferer.

Fourth thing; avoid noise! Party, party, party. Traffic, traffic, traffic. Yeah we can’t avoid them. They are all around. The company Christmas party, the kids birthday party, the neighbors party, the office party, etc. etc.. Imagine all that with migraines in full force.
Traffic on the road. raining, horns blowing, people passing and swerving, kids in the back talking and giggling. All that with a full blown migraine.

Fifth thing; avoid the sun, Glaring in the eye from the sun is one of the major migraine causes. People don’t pay attention to that but the sun probably triggers more migraines than food. You are hungry sweaty driving home from work the sun shines into your eyes and the migraine will come on for sure. Can’t avoid it. Getting home and eat don’t help, Cooling down in the bath tub don’t help. Being in a quiet room don’t help. The sun got you!

Sixth thing; Avoid strong smells! Perfumes causing many migraine headaches. Especially if other people around you wearing them. Yours smell good. but theirs stink and you will have a migraine.

And than there are all the food triggers and other triggers, but we’ll talk about those next time.