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 Does your child suffering from migraine headaches

migraine jpegMigraine headache and children

 Does he or she complain of severe head pains? It is important to check your child's condition instead of dismissing it as an excuse for attention or not attending school.

 For example, in younger children, a migraine attack is often accompanied by nausea, visual disturbance, and apparent abdominal disturbances/pain, which is both difficult to diagnose and mostly misleading.

It is important to know if your child is suffering from migraines as they can cause emotional changes such as anxiety.

or depression. About 65-80% of children with migraines interrupt their normal activities because of their headaches. In one study of 970,000 self-reported migraineurs aged 6-18 years, 329,000 school days were lost per month. Appropriate diagnosis and treatment of migraines can greatly improve quality of life.

 Migraines can inflict a child as young as 5 years old. In fact, approximately 20% of all migraine sufferers have their first attack before that age.

Studies suggest that migraine headaches occur in 5-10% of school-aged children in the United States, a percentage that increases and finally peaks at about age 44 years.

It is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis yourself as children in their very young ages won't have the vocabulary to express what they are feeling at that time. As a matter of fact, only a specialist in treating migraine headaches could read the symptoms in the correct perspective, in the first place itself, and it is to such people that child migraine cases must be referred to while seeking medical help.

So, how to find out if a child is having a migraine episode? As a rule of thumb, children with migraine appear pale and ill. At the onset of the attack, they might show restlessness, change in behavior, or try to withdraw from contact with others. Showing over sensitiveness to smell, light and sound is also a clear symptom of an approaching migraine episode. But, as mentioned earlier, children may not be able to convey their sufferings exactly to their parents, and hence it is the duty of parents and teachers to read the obvious migraine signals and provide them the necessary care and medical attention.

This migraine treatment is safe for children as well.

The migraine treatment

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