The end of migraine test

Two weeks ago I had started a migraine test the third times during the past three years. It’s been three years since I had stumbled upon a treatment that completely stopped my daily migraine headaches. I have to take it daily as it is a treatment and not a cure but it’s worth it.

I have started this migraine test 2 weeks ago on the Wednesday to see if the treatment is still working. It does.

During these past two weeks I’ve had smaller lighter headaches but nothing major.

Last Friday, 10 days into the test,  I was up until late at night and also ate about a 100 grams of dark chocolate. (I don’t drink alcohol)

On Saturday I woke up with  a headache and  regardless of taking 2 Paracetamol pain killers in the morning  I had to go to sleep around mid day. I awoke about 4 hours later and still had my headache so I took another 2 tablets of Paracetamol pain killer and by the evening my headache has stopped.

Since that I’ve had some moments I thought I will have a headache but I had not. On Monday of this week I had a strong feeling I am having silent migraines where all the symptoms of the migraine’s are present but no pain. I didn’t take any painkiller or anything.

Tuesday I didn’t have that feeling.  So The treatment is working great. I had not had any headaches during these past three years, apart from when I was doing these tests.

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Migraine and Medicine Headache

Most migraine sufferers overdose on pain killers in the hope of stopping the throbbing pain.

As we sufferers all know the pain killer medicines that are sold for migraines, are not capable of stopping the pain. So than why are we spending zillions of dollars every year to buy them? The answer to that is easy. “hope dies last”.

There you have it. We all hope this time it will work. The influence of the advertisements we see, the labels on the bottles, all say “try this, this will stop it”. Of course this is nothing but another painkiller ad re-worded and advertised as migraine medicine.

We all tried Excedrin millions of times and did not help. Than came the same pill renamed “migraine Excedrin” we tried that and did not work. Than came different migra- “whatever” pills and we tried those and did not work, but they did something else. They gave us medicine headache. Why? Because we all took too many, thinking – the advertisements and the labels all promise this will stop my migraines I must be the one doing something wrong, I am gonna take another one-, yet the pills just simply didn’t work.

The result was overdosing, leading to medicine headache on top of our migraines. We traded the single migraine headache for a double headache. That let us forget our migraines because now we concentrated on our medicine headache as that one made us more nauseous and made us fell like dying.

So we all concentrated on our medicine headache and was trying to figure out how to get rid of it. The answer? Take a pain killer. Right?
Yep, and we sure did. Until we fell asleep waking up a few ours later appreciating our regular common migraine headache that’ll end in a couple of days anyway and than we  started to wonder about migraine relief.