A couple of friends with migraines

It’s been 6.5 years now since my discovery of this migraine stopper. The most recent development is that a few months back I’ve told about this to a couple of people I knew and they have started using it and their migraines had stopped too.

Would this be so easy? You better believe it, but I am also convinced all the pharmaceutical companies know about this stuff, but because it’s a public domain, can’t patent it and make zillions off of it.

Anyway, nothing new to report, recently I ran out of the stuff and not used it for about 3 weeks, but my headaches started to come back so I had to buy yet another portion of it. All back to normal now and enjoying migraine free life.

It may sounds incredible to you, but it’s the truth. I’ve met lots of biased know it all people who thinks I am just pulling their legs, but they are the ones with the headache and not me.

So with that, if you read this, it is your choice to decide if you want it or not. Don’t let my accent put you down either as I am not of English speaking origin, but my learnt language. http://sufferingfrommigraine.com/

What to eat when having a migraine

What can I eat when suffering with migraine?

As far as what to eat when having a migraine headache? It doesn’t matter what you eat. Eat whatever you feel like eating.

When I was having a migraine attack I always craved salty or sweet foods. I just had to have food with taste in it. Not really spicy but someting that had strong flavor.

Cake with butter cream or some sort of Danish that was sticky and sweet, or Mc Donalds fryes with more salt on them. Breaded chicken, fryed bacon, etc.

Eating just sugar and eating just salt with a spoon wasn’t enough. I had to have them with something that gave them flavor. Drinking cola helped me with my headaches. I had to slurp it really slow for the coke to hit the pallet of my mouth. Great temporary relief! Only cola worked for me.

What you eat is only matters while you don’t have the migraine headache. But as soon as you feel the headache is coming on you can eat whatever you want because as you well know, nothing will stop it.

As a matter of fact when I was having migraines, eating eased the pain somewhat. Perhaps it was just my imagination or my attention was diverted from the pain, but it helped.
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There is no cure for it as of yet. No need to beat around the bush and protend there is a cure. NO CURE!

Some treatments are very effective while others are a waste of money. Check this out for probably the best treatment you’ll be able to find. Click Here

When we are talking about migraine cure and treatment, we are actually asking about how to stop the pain. Click on the above link if you want to stop the pain. If you do want to talk some more about how to stop it, than just leave comment and someone might respond.

I know meds are expensive and especially migraine medications. Why spend all those countless of dollars on over the counter medications that are not working? Why not go here and get it. It works and that’s all matters.

Don’t look for a cure that don’t exist. Chasing dreams before you go to  sleep.

Type this into your search engine or google it or yahoo it, “migraine cure”,  see what comes up. They’ll be all the same. Reformatted, re-written, but all the same, than come back here and get this stuff. Stopped mine completely. It’ll stop yours too.

Money back guarantee ended

As the last day of October has passed the 6 months money back guarantee has also ended.

We were offering a six months  money back guarantee to anyone who purchased the migraine treatment during the month of October. Not to many people had taken advantage but those who did will get their money back if not seeing any positive result in six months from the date of purchase.

The treatment is still available and there is still time for you to have your migraines reduced by the time x-mas rolls around.

What is a migraine ?

I would classify it as a pain in the butt and not just in the head. Why? Because it’s annoying. Annoying because we can’t defend ourself against it. Being as intelligent as we are and knowing as much as we do, yet a small little thing like migraine can incapacitate an otherwise perfectly normal person. I’t s like when someone is dying, say of old age and their body is giving up, but their mind is as sharp as a razor. Terrible.

I am fine now since I am on this treatment. I had not had a migraine headache for three years now and I can tell it makes a major difference in my life. I mean here I am almost ten in the evening and I am on this blog and I am not even worried about tomorrow morning like I used to. I had been busy today and really hungry and was walking all day out on the sun and among a crowd of people and I am not worried at all. I know I am not going to have the migraine. I am taking my treatment every day.

There was a time I didnt’ take it for a week and the migraines was trying to come back, but as soon as I took my treatment, never developed into one. I am faithful to it and it’s faithful to me. Does it’s job and that’s all I care. No side effects whatsoever.

I was thinking of the many people who still using the same conventional treatments of pain killers and suffers and sighs and wishes and tail in between the legs go to bed hoping tomorrow will be better. Why?

Why not just get this same stuff I am on and forget it. Are they masochists? Must be.

I was going through some forums this evening just to keep up with the Joneses and was pretty surprised reading some of the comments and articles. The articles usually repeat the same thing. Some generalized advice and no more and the comments are true suffering. Suffering of the sufferers, repeating to each other what is not working for them. People like to stay in their comfort zone, thus preventing them to look to other directions.

There is a cure for migraines.

Migraine treatment test

I love spring onions and chocolate and cheese. Aged cheese and cream cheese and all kinds of cheeses. I used to get migraines from eating spring onions. (those are the green onions you can see in the stores bunched together with the long green leaves still attached to them)

This past week, the first time in a long long time, I’ve bought a bunch in the store and was looking forward to eat them with some salami and cheese and fresh bread. You know, you eat those onions raw, sliced onto a sandwich or just bite into them.  Anyway, I love them.

Sooo, last week I ate some and guess what? I had no migraine the next day. I used to had such a bad migraine headaches after eating onions that I had to eliminate them completely from my diet. Last week I didn’t even had a hint of migraine. So last night I did the same and no migraine this morning either. Amazing.

The treatment works wonders. My supplies ran out about two weeks ago again and I did a small test again by not going to get more and to see if I would have the migraine return. I don’t even remember now when I had the last one and figured lets see. So I didn’t take the daily treatment for a few days and after a week I was feeling the first signs of the migraine headache trying to come on. That forced me to go out to the store and buy some more treatment, because why have a headache if I don’t have to.

I am sorry for all those folks that come to the web site and leave without purchasing this wonderful treatment. Some might have been trying to save money thinking, “I’ll be fine with the good old stuff that gives me hope but no relief”, some thinks, “it’s just another how to book”, but it’s not. This is the real thing. The same what I am taking and what stopping my migraines from developing.


How do you know you have a migraine? What are the tell tale signs?

With me it was just a hint of a feeling, that I might be getting a headache. I usually took some pain killers hoping it’ll stop it before develops.
Well that would work with regular headaches, but not with migraines. When you are a migraine sufferer and it feels like the headache might be coming on, you try to do whatever you have to do fast because you know the larger portion of the day and the following days are going to be ruined.

That first sign of -I might be getting a headache- is the sign of doom!
Usually occurs sort of like around one of the eyes or sort of like on the same side of the forehead. Pain killers don’t help. Once you notice that slight pain, the migraine will come on.

I am not sure if there is any kind of medication that would be able to stop this process in the early stages but I have not used or heard of anything like that. I had been to doctors and had all kinds of scans and tests and took all kinds of medications, but nothing helped.