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Migraine prevention. The truth and the facts?

I was looking for migraine prevention information on the web just now and Guess what I’ve found? 0 = nothing.

The same old stuff everyone is talking about. Nothing useful, only repeated junk. Nobody has a clue as of what causing migraines or else not talking about it, because it’s much easier to copy and paste and edit the same information found on internet sites than to write something new. As a result, all those who are looking for information see the same everywhere.

As a former migraine sufferer myself (40+ years) I would like to mention, I can eat and do anything I want without getting migraines as long as I am taking my daily treatment.
I also would like to to talk about the first primary reason why people get migraine headaches.

If we are looking at a so called “heat map” that marks the regions where most migraine sufferers live we would find that most of them are located in the far east countries of India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, the Arab countries and countries where the food is cooked with many spices

and that is the first primary reason. Why? Because spicy food is a primary trigger for migraines. People in those countries mixing many different spices in their diet for taste and color and smell. Not uncommon to find 20 or more different spices in their food. Starting with onion and tea, which are some of the culprits.

Spices are natural ingredients and until we know exactly what elements they contain individually and what reaction they have with each other when used or cooked together (just like medication when mixed) until than, we won’t know why do they cause migraines.

To top it off, in most of those countries fried food is the primary diet. Frying meat and spices cause yet a different reaction with each other.
People would be able to cut their migraine headaches in half if they would just avoid some of those spices and stop frying them. But which ones?

Other triggers are caused by the fact that many of those people are poor and don’t have enough to eat and go hungry. Hunger is another culprit of migraines.
So is the location of those countries. Why? Because of the heat of the sun. Hot temperatures are also the cause of migraines, along with high humidity especially if the two of them are combined.

Not because we don’t like warm, but because it is uncomfortable. The shirt is sticking to one’s back, sweaty armpits, sweaty head and eyebrows, knowing there is no relief from the heat in sight. Knowing the heat and sweat will continue tomorrow, can’t sleep at night because of the heat and humidity, mosquitoes, bugs, lack of jobs, lack of food, lack of money, stress, depression, and the list can go on.

With these later ones the psychological effect is the cause of migraines.
So as we see those people don’t have a chance of using conventional methods of any kind of treatment unless they give up some of their tradition, food, spices and lifestyles.

I know it’s hard to give any of those up, because they born into it, grow up with them and it’s their tradition. So what alternatives do they have?
(Having no money, being isolated because of the lack of money to buy a computer for researching information worldwide or to travel or lack of money even for doctors that might be able to help them). Not much!

Going by what the others tell them. “lay down, go to sleep, drink more water, take it easy” etc. Of course they can’t do any of those because they have to be out there chasing money so they can buy food for their kids and to pay for their living expenses. Beside the psychological and all other triggers, a physical trigger is also punishing them.

Many of these triggers are applicable to sufferers in other parts of the world. Much more could be added to the list of triggers, like smells, lack of sleep, stress, tiredness, nervousness, the position of the head at night on the pillow, fast moving objects in traffic or on the street, crowd, noise, light, glare, fear of the unknown, anticipation, meeting strangers, talking to strangers, alcohol, smoking, smoke, indecisiveness,
procrastination, low performance, embarrassment, etc, etc.

So in the end, migraines can be triggered by physical as well as psychological events.

The prevention will depend on the individual and what can they afford. There are treatments and there are treatments out there. Some works and some not. Everyones reaction to treatment is different. We know that none of the pain killers are able to stop migraines once they develop. (perhaps some class A drugs like morphine or similar) . We know that aroma therapy, massage, etc. not working either. The much touted feverfew, butterbur and botox are not working.

There are other natural elements that can stop migraines from developing. These elements prevent migraines from starting thus they are the perfect treatment. We all looking for the treatment of the pain instead of looking for the prevention, which is the key to fight migraine headaches. The pain develops because something started it. Find what starts it and voile, no more migraines. Or if can’t find what starts it, or like the food and lifestyle too much, find what neutralize the ingredients and voile, no more migraines.

A Doowap on migraines?

This article describes some new migraine drug in the making. Makes an interesting read, but how about migraine relief ?
Did anyone had tried this drug with any success?

On the other hand here is another site worth reading that might explain some migraine facts.

In the meantime try this migraine stopper and stop your pain for real.

What is a migraine ?

I would classify it as a pain in the butt and not just in the head. Why? Because it’s annoying. Annoying because we can’t defend ourself against it. Being as intelligent as we are and knowing as much as we do, yet a small little thing like migraine can incapacitate an otherwise perfectly normal person. I’t s like when someone is dying, say of old age and their body is giving up, but their mind is as sharp as a razor. Terrible.

I am fine now since I am on this treatment. I had not had a migraine headache for three years now and I can tell it makes a major difference in my life. I mean here I am almost ten in the evening and I am on this blog and I am not even worried about tomorrow morning like I used to. I had been busy today and really hungry and was walking all day out on the sun and among a crowd of people and I am not worried at all. I know I am not going to have the migraine. I am taking my treatment every day.

There was a time I didnt’ take it for a week and the migraines was trying to come back, but as soon as I took my treatment, never developed into one. I am faithful to it and it’s faithful to me. Does it’s job and that’s all I care. No side effects whatsoever.

I was thinking of the many people who still using the same conventional treatments of pain killers and suffers and sighs and wishes and tail in between the legs go to bed hoping tomorrow will be better. Why?

Why not just get this same stuff I am on and forget it. Are they masochists? Must be.

I was going through some forums this evening just to keep up with the Joneses and was pretty surprised reading some of the comments and articles. The articles usually repeat the same thing. Some generalized advice and no more and the comments are true suffering. Suffering of the sufferers, repeating to each other what is not working for them. People like to stay in their comfort zone, thus preventing them to look to other directions.

There is a cure for migraines.

Migraine trigger information

There are so many pages of migraine cure info out there that says the same over and over again. Some claims it’s easy as pie, others just list food triggers, yet others just mention a few words about migraine headaches in general and build a few pages around that and about ssrs and triptans and migra.. whatever.

They have no idea of what they are talking about and no idea of what migraine is. They’ve found a niche and copied and pasted a few sentences and built a website around that.

Aren’t people bored with that same info just about anywhere they go, when searching for migraine headache relief?

I mean there is no real new info in those pages about migraine headaches.
I admit we have no idea of what causing it to start with and don’t know how to cure it. But some sites claims the blood vessels gets enlarged and than shrinks and causing uneven pressure and causing migraines, some claims there is a hole in the heart, some claims hormonal inbalances, and others claim something else.

In reality we have no idea! We know of some triggers, but that’s about it.

Some foods, spices, onions, heat, the sun, reflection of light, the weather, the surrounding, our mood, the way we’ve slept the night before, crowd, noise, smells, sudden movement of the head or the eye, going out of our comfort zone, not knowing what’s going to happen next, work pressure, fear of the unknown, anticipation of something, the sixth sense, (like when you have a sense of something and it’ll happen in the next few minutes) with me at least, many times I was thinking of something or of someone and for a fraction of a second I had a strong feeling of the outcome of whatever I was doing or thinking of. Like when you think of someone and in the next minute the phone rings and that person is calling you).

I would be in the store and while trying to see some item someone walks in front of me out of the blue blocking my view as soon as I would get a clear view of the item. I had this sense many times and sure enough most of the time someone walked in front of me. Or else, driving the car and no one around but before I get to the traffic circle I have a strong sense of someone coming right when I get there and I have to stop to let them go because they have the right of way and sure enough out of the clear street no one around and someone will be at the traffic circle just when I get there.

Or else I make tea and for a split second I can see I will spill it and it’ll happen while I am really careful not to spill it.

I am not even sure what to call these split second sights but they triggered my migraines once in a while.

Causes and triggers are many. Almost anything can trigger migraine headaches. Could the underlying be mental and physical?

It’s a thought, just as valid as anything else out there.

June is over and as hectic and hot as it was, I had not had a single migraine headache. Customers reporting positive results about the treatment. That’s good.

Sufferers are more susceptible for stronger, longer lasting headaches during the hot summer months. Heat and especially humid heat and changing atmospheric pressure aggravates migraines. Need to find the balance between all of the ingredients that causes migraines. This is especially hard because anything can be a trigger.

Finding the relief is frustrating at best. When we have migraines we are desperate to find one and find it quick, but when it stops for a short while we are not that desperate until it starts again.

Prevention would be the answer. Does anyone know of any good prevention solution? Solution that works for many people and not tailored to individuals? Like diet elimination or activity elimination that most and i say MOST of the migraine prevention or “cure” programs are using out there. The trouble with tailored treatment is, the only one benefiting from it is the person that is tailored to. of course he/she is happy when the headaches stops, but the rest are not offered that benefit, and if they don’t happen to have money to see the doctor for an extended period of time, (while the elimination process last) they are out of luck.

How about prevention that affords migraine headache relief to the masses? have they thought of that? There are several of those products are available very cheaply, but millions and millions of people are suffering from migraine and it’s too big of a business to loose for pharmaceutical companies.

The trouble is that people are ignorant. Why? Because they are overwhelmed by too many TV, radio and news paper commercials and they forgot how to pay attention to the words. Every word has a meaning. Just look at above “masses” why was that word used instead of many? What is the difference in their meaning? Masses or many, or a lot, or crowds.

I am not going into it because every word is very meaningful but when an ad is displayed on the TV, that is displayed to the masses. So we get immune to the details because most of the products advertised, are unaffordable to the masses and the result is, we don’t pay attention to details anymore, yet, the details would solve your migraine headaches problems.

Don’t shrug off this page as another false claim.
Go here and read it trough several times until you understand the benefit of it to you. The words have meaning. read them and read them again. They are true and real. It’ll stop your migraines.

Is it just a Headache?

Or is it something else? There are several different types of headaches people usually get. Tension headache, stress headache, medicine headache, cluster headache, migraine headache, etc. I am not going to explain what each of them are as there are plenty of information on the net of them all.

I am going to talk about migraine headache a bit, because as a former sufferer I am most knowledgeable about.

Migraine headache relief. So many migraine sufferers desperately sigh these words during a migraine attack, but most of the time it’s just wishful thinking. I mean what relief is there for a migraine sufferer? We read about acupuncture, read about relaxation, read about aroma therapy, read about …… .

Do they work? Has anyone had their migraine stopped by any of the most often mentioned reliefs?

None worked for me when I had my headaches. Sure I tried many of them and looked forward to the relief, but the relief only lasted while the procedure was ongoing. Than finally one day in 2007 accidentally I stumbled upon something that changed the world for me. The true migraine headache relief! The one that not just gave me relief, but stopped my migraines completely and I have been free of it ever-since.

You can find out more about it here