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Another migraine free month

Well, time have been passing and not a sign of migraine headaches. The treatment works extremely well for me and the others who have been taking it. The remarkable thing is that we can eat anything and the migraine not coming on. No matter what the food is or what time of day, whether I have the first byte in the afternoon or early in the morning, no headache. Other people are reporting similar results.

I can eat the spiciest food, eat dark chocolate by the pound, or not eat all day. Noise, traffic, sun, smells etc. can’t bring it on either.

Unlike other treatments out there that relies on food or activity elimination, this treatment allows one to eat and do anything they want to and stops the migraines from developing.  Amazing discovery if we are to look at what can trigger migraine headaches.  Food triggers or other triggers!

Activity migraine triggers are like: driving, parties, running, being out on the sun, etc. There are triggers we can’t control at all and those are like: noise, traffic, smells, sun shining in the eyes, sudden movements, thinking of migraine headaches, etc.

This treatment somehow suppresses all these migraine triggers and somehow not allowing them to be recognized by the brain. I guess partly because the mood gets elevated.  I mean I’ve noticed since I am taking this treatment my mood is happy and more positive. I am not sure if the treatment is the one causing it or else the lack of migraines are causing it, but I seem to be always in a good mood. Other people are reporting similar affects.

Of course there are skeptics who can only say negatives of anything new, or of anything they can’t  understand, but weren’t there skeptics when Edison was experimenting with the light bulb? Of course there were. The trouble with these kind of people is, that they spread their negative views for the reason of hurting others. How many people have really great ideas or discoveries only to be suffocated by these negative individuals? My point is, not to let yourself influenced by others if you think something is good and will benefit you.

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How to avoid migraines

The first thing is; don’t think of it! If you are suffering from migraine and think of migraines you will get it pretty soon. In the subconscious mind you start a process the brain intercepts and give you what you wish for.
I know it’s hard not to think of it if you are a migraine sufferer, but try.

The second thing is; don’t eat! If you eat you will get a migraine headache. I know it’s crazy and we all have to eat but only eat the right amount. The stomach is satisfied with just a small amount of food and will digest anything you put in. Not picky about what it will eat. One sandwich or a piece of fruit or crackers. No more. Soda is good. I used to sipped and slurped coca cola because reduced the pain. Not drinking it, but only slurping it in tiny gulps, so that it hits the pallet of the mouth and sooths the pain. Helped me a lot in those days. Eat just a few bytes at the time but eat many times a day.

Third thing; don’t drink alcohol! Alcohol aggravates the development of migraine headaches. I know it feels good to have a few when one feeling depressed, but don’t, if you are a migraine sufferer.

Fourth thing; avoid noise! Party, party, party. Traffic, traffic, traffic. Yeah we can’t avoid them. They are all around. The company Christmas party, the kids birthday party, the neighbors party, the office party, etc. etc.. Imagine all that with migraines in full force.
Traffic on the road. raining, horns blowing, people passing and swerving, kids in the back talking and giggling. All that with a full blown migraine.

Fifth thing; avoid the sun, Glaring in the eye from the sun is one of the major migraine causes. People don’t pay attention to that but the sun probably triggers more migraines than food. You are hungry sweaty driving home from work the sun shines into your eyes and the migraine will come on for sure. Can’t avoid it. Getting home and eat don’t help, Cooling down in the bath tub don’t help. Being in a quiet room don’t help. The sun got you!

Sixth thing; Avoid strong smells! Perfumes causing many migraine headaches. Especially if other people around you wearing them. Yours smell good. but theirs stink and you will have a migraine.

And than there are all the food triggers and other triggers, but we’ll talk about those next time.

Hoping for migraine cure?

Aspirin for Migraine Headaches?

“Aspirin Effective For Migraine Relief, Study
published on Wed, 14 Apr 2010 03:00:00 PDT
A single dose of 900-1000 mg aspirin can substantially reduce migraine headache pain within two hours, for more than half of people who take it. It also reduces any associated nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light or sound (photophobia or phonophobia)…”

How much is substantial reduction and for how long? But not stopping the migraines and the headache will return. Of course it gives some relief, like almost any pain killer will. But the task is to stop migraine headaches. A simple massage will give relief from the pain while it is administered. It’s a well known fact that if we migraine sufferers take too much pain medication than medicine headache develops. Many migraine sufferers making this mistake. Thinking the more pain killer they take the more likely the migraine will stop.

Not so! “What sufferers want is for the pain to go away completely and quickly, and not return – though for many the headache does return within 24 hours of the first attack. ”

This is exactly what we want, but to no avail. The treatment at do almost exactly that but not quickly. The migraine don’t return as long as the treatment is taken daily. Satisfactory?? I think so. We have to accept the facts that there is no cure for it and we don’t know what causing it, but why live with the pain if we don’t have to.

Aspirin might give some relief but might be more psychological and the pain will return. Dread!


How do you know you have a migraine? What are the tell tale signs?

With me it was just a hint of a feeling, that I might be getting a headache. I usually took some pain killers hoping it’ll stop it before develops.
Well that would work with regular headaches, but not with migraines. When you are a migraine sufferer and it feels like the headache might be coming on, you try to do whatever you have to do fast because you know the larger portion of the day and the following days are going to be ruined.

That first sign of -I might be getting a headache- is the sign of doom!
Usually occurs sort of like around one of the eyes or sort of like on the same side of the forehead. Pain killers don’t help. Once you notice that slight pain, the migraine will come on.

I am not sure if there is any kind of medication that would be able to stop this process in the early stages but I have not used or heard of anything like that. I had been to doctors and had all kinds of scans and tests and took all kinds of medications, but nothing helped.

Treating migraine headaches

The migraine treatment at works great. It was discovered by chance almost 3 years ago. The 8 ingredients it combines, are very-very powerful migraine stoppers. They occur naturally in many plants and one might even be using some of them when they are cooking, or in other ways, but all of them combined and the right amount that makes it work.

The site gets many visitors from the far east of India and China and the Indonesian Islands. The foods in those regions are known to be very spicy and as we know, spices are a no no when one is suffering from migraines.  I know it’s hard to give up those yummy spices but might help those people.

With this treatment all spices can be eaten and as much as one likes. No limit to the foods you can eat, or the drinks you can drink. Chocolate, coffee, cheese, alcohol,  none of them triggers the headache with this treatment.  As a metter of fact I had not found any food or spice as of yet, since I am taking this treatment, that can trigger the migraines.

I could not find anything since I am taking them, that would trigger migraines.  Noise, light, hunger, nervousness, anxiety, etc. don’t trigger it anymore. I can drive with the sun shining into my eyes, the radio blasting and millions of cars around me in an unknown city and I am not getting migraines.  As long as I am taking the treatment daily.

There have been occasions during these past three years when I ran out of the treatment and each time, after just a week of not taking them I could feel the telltale signs of the migrane headache as it was trying to come back. So I went out to the store and bought some more. This is available in any country in the world for cheap.  Why don’t they sell it in the pharmacy??? They do sell it there too.

Have to be taken daily but that’s nothing compare to the headaches one gets.

When I had my migraines 4-5 days per week I’ve  had a hard time dealing with them. No matter what I did the migraine never failed to come. I’ve had 2 or 3 days break and than Bammmm, just like clockwork the headache would start for no reason at all. I’ve missed a lot of my children growing up because of it. Missed many school plays and activities with them. Parties and trips. So I know how debilitating a migraine headaches can be.

Migraine headaches triggers

What triggers migraine headaches?

    • Certain foods can trigger migraines.

    Foods that may trigger migraines:

    • Aged, canned, cured or processed meat, including bologna, game, ham, herring, hot dogs, pepperoni and sausage
    • Aged cheese
    • Alcoholic beverages, especially red wine
    • Aspartame
    • Avocados
    • Beans, including pole, broad, lima, Italian, navy, pinto and garbanzo
    • Brewer’s yeast, including fresh yeast coffee cake, donuts and sourdough bread
    • Caffeine (in excess)
    • Canned soup or bouillon cubes
    • Chocolate, cocoa and carob
    • Cultured dairy products, such as buttermilk and sour cream
    • Figs
    • Lentils
    • Meat tenderizer
    • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
    • Nuts and peanut butter
    • Onions, except small amounts for flavoring
    • Papaya
    • Passion fruit
    • Pea pods
    • Pickled, preserved or marinated foods, such as olives and pickles, and some snack foods
    • Raisins
    • Red plums
    • Sauerkraut
    • Seasoned salt
    • Snow peas
    • Soy sauce

    Also some other migraine triggers

  • Smell.
  • Light.
  • Noise.
  • Driving in traffic.
  • Being in crowd.
  • Unexpected events.
  • Anticipation of something.
  • Looking forward to something.
  • Bad pillow.
  • Bad sleep.
  • Being warm old cold during the night.
  • Sitting in front of the computer for more than a few minutes.
  • Bad posture while sitting.
  • Anxiety.
  • Anger.
  • Alcohol.
  • Night out.
  • Flying.

and many more things can trigger migraines.