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Is there a migraine treatment?

Are you a Migraine Sufferer?
So Was I!

Migraine headache is the type of headache we don't quite understand yet. We don't know what causing it and as a result we don't know how to cure it yet.

There are medications available that can reduce the pain or numb the pain but most migraine sufferers become immune to these medications. They either take too much trying to get rid of it that way or take too little because of fear of overdosing and make things worse than they are.

The former (when one taking too much) is when migraine sufferers get a medicine headache on top of their migraine headache and that just make things worse. There are natural remedies that can lessen the pain a bit and they do work for certain extent. There are recommendations that people might follow. For example not eating chocolate or cheese or not drinking coffee and alcohol, they are told to watch out for the triggers and try to avoid them in the future.

But most migraine sufferers don't know what these triggers are, aside from some food items like cheese and chocolate, and when the headache hits they can't even think straight. I never knew what triggered mine. Sometimes I woke up with the trigger already pulled.

When I've had my migraines I could tell it's coming by seeing an aura around my right eye or just had an uncomfortable feeling in my head around my right eye that the migraine will come on. When I had that feeling I started to take the migraine medication right away trying to prevent it from coming on but never worked. I was having chronic migraine headaches and that means more than 15 days per month. I was having it 4 days of every week.

When I've had a migraine headache my sense of smell became so intense, if a group of women walked by me I could smell each of their individual parfumes. If I had known the names of their parfumes I would have been able to name the brand on each and every one of them.

My other senses that intensified was sensitivity to light and dust. I had to eat salty food and that helped some. (Like fried pork or chicken or bread and butter with salt).
Also helped reducing the intensity of the pain when I was just slurping coca cola or pepsi. Just a little bit in the mouth and slowly swallow it so that the coke hits the pallet of the mouth. That worked for other headaches too. (Only these two type of drinks helped). Never removed the pain but momentarily reduced the intensity.

I had found the treatment that works and I am totally migraine free as long as I do my daily treatment, but it has to be ongoing. There is no one time shot of getting rid of migraine headaches. Lately there have been stories going around that the heart is having a little whole in it and that is what causing it. Blood vessels are enlarging and causing migraine headaches. Hormones, or lack of of them causing migraine headaches. But in reality there is no sure fire cause of it yet.

Ongoing treatment is the only one that can get rid of it. Meaning you have to consistently avoid the triggers (which is very very very hard to do) or take daily treatments like I do, or if you know of someone who had gotten rid of it somehow, ask them for information on migraine treatment.

One thing is for sure though. With this migraine treatment life is much better for me without my daily migraine headaches. My relationship with friends and family improved a lot, my love life improved a lot, and all I have to do is just not stopping my daily treatment that takes less than 10 seconds per day. Sounds incredible, huh?

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